The home of the car station site can not stand up pop-up tips to fight back

home of the car station site can not withstand the temptation to raise prices


technology news December 21st noon news, the continuous price increase site navigation site, let a lot of cooperation with the site gradually unable to stand the strain any longer. Car home on the home page to select a special tip to fight back. It is understood that in the past two or three years, a quarter of the price of the site to bring the cost of a IP station, the highest has turned up nearly a hundred times.

users now from several web site navigation site to the car home, will see a special tips in the car on the front page of the site: "since January 2012, XX web site will no longer have the car home". We love, please send us in your favorites or through Baidu and other direct search". The XX is the name of the site of the navigation site that you brought up.

click on the car home from rising security, 1616 web site navigation station, you can see it at presentation.

Chengta vice president Ma Gang in the media, micro-blog said this explanation: "rising web site is good, we also have been working well, why do so is because we can’t afford it, not forced vertical website group purchase money ah". Home of the car is one of the top media business.

, according to sina science and technology, the car’s home is actually a counter attack on the site. The core of the contradiction between the two sides is that the site has been the annual price of the station has been losing patience with the car home.

a simple survey can be found, the car home links appear in a number of sites important position, it is difficult to imagine these locations are free to get. Informed sources, the site of the station’s contribution to the car’s home is quite impressive, and the car home is now paid to the site every month the cost of millions of dollars.

the conflict between the two sides is not that the site to increase the price of each quarter, more importantly, the price increase is not low. An industry source told sina science and technology, in just two or three years time, the site to bring the cost of a IP, has been from the one or two cents, up to a few cents, or even a dollar. That is the highest nearly 100 times change.

in connection with the acceptance of sina technology, Ma confirmed that the next quarter of the car home will no longer talk to some of the site to continue to cooperate with the site, and pop-up prompts are also related to the user to retain. In Ma seems, the site continues to go up the price has been close to the use of search marketing costs. In fact, some of the car home has been put on the peer search promotion.

cooperation in the car home. Several stations, rising and 1616 is not the highest contribution of two. In this regard, the rising side responded that only the cooperation between the two sides due.

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