The major video website is this to show




at 9158 and YY at a loss of earning large quantities of gold each day, long video sites are also unable to bear. This is not Iqiyi, Youku have also opened the show, the music is going to simply buy a website to do the main show.

do not show out with others to greet

feel shy

Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu confirmed to us that the company’s PP live show being tested, invested tens of millions of dollars, and directly led by PPS founder Xu Weifeng. Gong Yucheng, show business is not considered profitable in the first year, mainly to seize the market.

in addition to Iqiyi, Youku also at the beginning of the show – tested products low-key, even gave up the video business NetEase also recently quietly on the line of the Bobo show. In addition, the acquisition of anecdotal music is show business and the main six room negotiations, to supplement the blank in show business, Alibaba, Baidu and other giants are considering similar acquisitions.

show the video site has now become the standard business, if you don’t do the show, go out with others feel shy to say hello." An anonymous video website middle jokes. The other said, pioneered by YY and 9158 show business to a certain extent even strong gold absorption capacity in the network game, in the face of this fat, many video sites with three feet, therefore fall over each other began to get involved in this field.

The show business ahead of the

by making inquiries, we collected the following parties do show:

1 and Bobo


Bobo is a NetEase show line just after the Spring Festival, had for nearly half a year before, belongs to the new business department’s Web site, the team in Beijing, an unknown number of.

according to reports, the main reason for the website of the Ministry of NetEase is the NetEase’s show business: traditional portal advertising seriously impact on the video site, and many years ago Ding Lei for the video business investment is too large to give up their own independent development of video business, in this case, small investment big output show business is big kill NetEase website of the Ministry of revenue.


Star Show

– show has been listed as equally important and internal Youku personal channel project, but later because of a variety of reasons, this is still in the final Youku tester products designated to, and Kelly team are also ongoing adjustment and restructuring, our team heard relatively large, do not know whether to be potatoes staff will be cut.

it is understood that the initial project dream show Youku is seen as 9158 and YY, the two companies through the show mode, profit, and eager to prove to the capital market to their profitability is to make quick money Youku products. However, although this model to make money fast, but the treatment may also be bad for the brand

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