The ministry put vulgar website has Henzhao

Ministry – "vulgar" website Henzhao – direct stop domain desorption. Webmaster friends to pay attention not to due to a small loss, carefully review your site.

today opened the mailbox to receive all that stop mail service, as follows:


the Ministry of Industry issued a notice to immediately stop the "vulgar" network harmful information domain;


HOLD as the domain name;

notify the user of the results, the domain name will no longer open.

previously only notify the rectification, delete, and so on. After all, it is a good many years of painstaking efforts, let us delete the deleted. If you like this open domain no longer it will be disastrous. Please check the content of the majority of the webmaster stand. Don’t spoil your station by a moment’s pleasure. Try to stay away from the leak, pornographic content.

and some sites display your site content access because it contains political or pornographic vulgar content in site is stopped, this month is no longer open! Is your site advertising vulgar content, which contains the vulgar advertisements also in the closed list, after thirty seconds automatically transferred to the user forum, thank you for your cooperation. Therefore, the contents of advertising should be checked. Do not put on the increase in the volume of goods such as sexual advertising and deceive users of security ads.

hope that we can learn from my lessons, concentrate on doing the station to do green safety conscience. Http:// feeds

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