Taobao platform to raise public and renamed Alibaba want to do it

text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui


platform to raise public and renamed, this is from the "Taobao star back to Taobao all the chips". Light name this thing, let Taobao tangled for a long time. First, from the "Amoy peel" to "Taobao to raise, and then to the" Taobao star "," Taobao is now back to raise, really want a good


last year’s double 12 period, Taobao tentatively launched a crowdfunding platform – Amoy peel foothold is to help achieve the aspirations of the star, launched by the star, fans participated in. Subsequently, Amoy peel extends Taobao congregation chips, sign up to Taobao’s ordinary sellers open, at the end of March this year, "Amoy peel" and "Taobao congregation merged into the" Taobao star ", launched to expand the program to music, books and other public welfare, more categories.

early in the stars, can quickly gather popularity, double 12 period, the concept of star of the congregation raised to Amoy peel on-line as soon as it attracted many fans buyers. But in the long run, the stars are more to raise public awareness of the purpose of the fans and interaction, is not suitable for the development of all the chips. Yesterday, Taobao all the congregation to raise a foreign propaganda, Liu Tao help Jiangxi little fellow anti-cancer star charity projects, in addition, the platform has been rare star based public to raise the project.

now, "Taobao congregation is a comprehensive incentive to raise public platform, including music, books, film and television, public service, science and technology, design, animation, game eight categories, including design under the category of the largest projects, mostly from the original design features of the Taobao store, all the chips are more like a marketing and sale channel.

compared with other public platform to raise the public to raise the project on the Taobao is not much, and especially not obvious, probably because Ali did not want to how to force. Taobao person in charge of raising public no Xiao had said in an interview earlier, Taobao has the advantage of data, he said: "first you can understand your audience how to appeal their consumption ability; then through the background data, can understand the basic situation of supporters of the age, regional distribution of master data; directional, can even do push the crowd." But when this advantage can really become so that all the chips Taobao development and expansion of the advantages, it takes time to observe.

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