Why not a subsidiary nternet home

home improvement industry in the future market is huge, the industry consensus is trillions of market in the new large and still hungry, word of mouth, glutinous rice and other O2O platform to fight out, the pressure of capital subsidies, and at least look off the price doubled, home improvement can be one hundred thousand levels, to add a capital story.

house decoration, from the housing, housing construction to start, you will choose 28 auxiliary, 35 basic engineering, 8 kinds of materials, 52 pieces of furniture and accessories, you at least to go to more than and 80 stores and nearly 100 people, nearly 200 of goods to buy bargain. It will take at least 100 days to consume up to 200 million brain cells to complete the renovation. Are you sure you want to decorate your own? So many people to the idea of the Internet home improvement, but……

the last two days, the Internet home improvement industry continuously exposed the scandal: two

is the first "love between Rebs Lei Jun investment space" and the customer Mr. Su love and hatred, take out several key points

1 renovation for nearly a year, are not completed.

2 renovation contract signed a copy of a love space, a love of space is the name of the founder of the decoration company, that is, to provide the decoration business is the third party company, the company is the first time, the company has been able to do so. In addition, the company has been able to do so. In fact, the company has been able to do so.

After 3,

decoration rework pry open the floor and found no cement, solidification, no solidification…… Embarrassed

4 such as workers to change the decoration of the program, the switch box with glue and so on, do not regulate the defects, everywhere.

boasts more than 700 independent industrial workers, hundreds of process standardization, twenty day delivery of Internet brand millet Jiezhuang flayer.

coincidentally, known as the daily orders of countless Internet platform Jiezhuang Tuba rabbit, was known as "the misfits" gathered, and clean up close to the 2/3 platform decided to limit the decoration company information, publish only basic information on a tuba rabbit before signing the amount of home improvement projects only managed 40%, currently is required to sign the bill the amount of all hosted by the company, in order to fully monitor the quality of the decoration, the emergence of the quality of decoration company fined.

This reaction is initiated by

together with the decoration complaints: Beijing daily exposed Tuba rabbit recommended Jiezhuang company owners make leakage of the heating pipes news, another company offered to help Ms. Zhang home investigation found the problem rectification, too, if you want to completely solve, you need to move the whole, basically removed after renovation.


before Ms. Zhang think again online complaints, the tuba rabbit, Ms. Zhang’s account to the closure…… Embarrassed

Why not

Internet Jiezhuang subsidiary


from the early Jiezhuang group purchase mode, appeared at the beginning of 2015 love space "millet home" banner, and then to other Internet platforms Tuba rabbit Jiezhuang financing, we need to clearly see:

The growth and development of

platform does not mean

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