The runaway comic accident The website domain name change is suspected.

renamed China ( September 4th news, last night, the runaway comic micro-blog released news that, due to the website domain name change, if users encounter not open the website, please clean up the browser cache. But for this article micro-blog content, there are users suspected of violent diffuse accident.

at the end of May this year, the runaway comic website announcement, the official domain name officially replaced by However, last night, micro-blog and runaway comic official news release, "emergency notice, because the website domain name change, your buddy if not open the website, please clean up the browser cache


now, when visiting the domain name, will jump to the old domain name And is not the reason of changing of the runaway comic explanation, linked to some time ago to stop a runaway comic editorial department, and the users found the official website content seems to be reduced. Many netizens speculated, "is not what happened, is not to be seized, also the netizen says," did not escape "," I thought it was dark".

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