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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 20th news, recently there is news that the micro public bank is planning a new round of $1 billion in financing to expand the financial services business.

informed sources said that the micro public banks are working with external investors to discuss financing issues, the new round of financing for the bank’s valuation may reach about $5 billion. The Tiger Fund, private equity funds have been pre Huaxing capital investigation of micro public banks. The source said that this will be the first round of micro public banks since January this year, the first round of financing operations, the funds will help the online bank to expand micro credit and investment products and services.

micro public banks approved by the end of last year opened in January 18th of this year began trial operation, the first pilot private banks. Is the first Internet bank, so it inevitably gained market more attention and higher expectations, however, opened a year, two star executives have been away from home, by the China Merchants Bank shut down a nuclear body interface, product is refers to the launch speed is too slow, the effect just passable……

from the beginning of the birth of online banking, account becomes the key issue. If the remote account can not break, Internet banking will become "castles in the air". In more than a year after the comments, the central bank will still live account as a prerequisite for the realization of the network bank account, and at the same time, the remote account only on the basis of the central bank will no longer account for the remote system alone.

originally on the line at the beginning, micro public has designed a set of face recognition remote account plan, which means that the public can not absorb the micro consumer deposits. Can not deposit, what loans to take as a bank and how to survive?

analysts pointed out that micro public banks for individual customers in the low-end positioning, the traditional retail banking service system layered bottom end of the key is to establish a simple, standardized products and service system, and also the need to open up the way of solid consumer Tencent’s financial services, trying to be grafted to the scene, the provision of financial service for its solution, through various channels such as O2O, unified payment means, to solve customer problems from paying the entrance, the output’s own financial ability.

at present, the main micro bank lending products are still only in the test of micro particles, financial aspects are all through the micro public bank APP, as well as several embedded platform enterprise products. In addition, there is no cause for widespread concern in the market products.

media analysts said the newly raised funds are likely to help micro banks to expand their personal loan services, micro credit". Micro particles in September this year, WeChat’s new addition to the service, allowing users to provide security or collateral without the maximum loan of 200 thousand yuan, but the function has not been open to all users.

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