Google hand MediaTek, Android’s enclosure movement will change what

Beijing time at midnight on June 26th, Google Google I/O at the Moscone center in San Francisco, during the period, Google introduced many heavyweight products, projects and updates, including Android One, L Developer Preview, Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV, Chromecast, Chromebook, Google Cloud, Google Fit, Google and Play etc..

Android One and one of the very aspect, according to the Android One program, Google will provide a set of guidelines and reference hardware design platform for equipment manufacturers, so that the latter is more easily and quickly produce cheap intelligent machines. It is mainly for the development of large low-end smart phone market.

prior to the development of mobile phone is Google Nexus Pro sons, released each generation of Nexus intelligent mobile phone has become the focus of the industry, Nexus always with a monster, the performance of the latest and most complete Google services, relatively low price to set off a whirlwind of Google. Because each generation of Nexus phones are the benchmark set up by Google, marking a leap in the user experience, leading the next year the new trend of smart phones. This year, Google unexpectedly released a Android One configuration of a thousand parity machines.

said, Android One uses a 4.5 inch screen and dual SIM card, MediaTek MT6575 dual core processor, Android L will be equipped with the latest operating system. Sources said that over the past 6 months, Google has been working with MediaTek on Android One negotiations, and promised to provide MediaTek with the latest software and Android platform firmware. The source also said that if the Android One project is progressing well, then MediaTek may expand its scope of cooperation with Google Android Tablet PC and Android TV and other projects.

from the monster level Nexus benchmark to low with thousands of machines Android One, Google’s turn is not small, it also makes people can not help but ask, what is the purpose of this Google


to eliminate fragmentation, dominate the world of Android

Google has been pushing the Android version of unity, improve Android version update slow and fragmentation issues. We can open the ART mode from the Android 4.4 this action can be seen in the action of Google in the elimination of fragmentation, and the Android L will be set to default mode ART mode, you can see the ambition of Google.

Google wants to take Android One as an example

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