The luxury B2C Luxuries network traced layoffs venture capital into the suspension for

luxury electricity supplier layoffs continue to expand. Yesterday, a staff member said, luxury B2C website is still in the Spring Festival before and after the mass layoffs. Venture capital suspended into the main reason for layoffs. Following the Netease Luxuries Huha network, closed, and doom serves network products network redundancy is seen as a monk big luxury business".

, according to some of the staff to leave, said the number of employees in Beijing headquarters has shrunk significantly. As early as the end of last year, the company came out in the news, will be laid off early this year, but the company did not specify the magnitude of layoffs."

in the middle and lower levels of staff layoffs, while the quality of the network is more than middle-level cadres and mobility. These people have been cut off, but a large part of their own initiative to resign." A close to the net of the person familiar with the matter said, due to dissatisfaction with the performance of the company, there are more than the middle and above the initiative to leave employees. Reporters learned that the company’s public relations with the media manager of the post, due to the reasons for leaving in a month and a half time has changed three.

, according to the above staff said the resignation, the product is still a substantial layoffs due to the product network has not yet been able to get venture capital. Venture capital is entered in batches, due to the internal management of the product is still more chaotic network, after the previous year’s commitment has not been revised on-line, so the suspension of venture capital funds."

data show that after the product line is still claimed to have received three rounds of financing, including second pens and third pens were $10 million and $50 million. Luxuries network located in the "member invite bootleg platform", and "the strict membership invitation of applicants according to strict criteria for screening". E-commerce sites are ‘traffic is king’, the product was founded just a year and a half, it uses the so-called ‘invitation system’ is equal to the broken road." Analysts believe that the Luxuries network advocated "privacy and dignity" are only in a very long period of time is a false proposition.

in December last year, the luxury website "Huha network founder Lian tingkai is out; in January this year, the NetEase’s" Netease Luxuries "capital chain collapse; and during the Spring Festival, a high-profile catwalk net and the frequency was high financing LuxeHome network into layoffs quagmire. Luxury e-commerce usher in shock.

anonymity luxury website CEO believes that the cause of the development of domestic luxury electricity supplier deformity mainly two. "The first is too large, such as the network serves in less than 500 people in the team expanded to 1300 people a year’s time, the Department is too complex the enterprises begin to indigestion, eventually had to layoffs to streamline the team. The second is too dependent on venture capital, part of the electricity supplier in order to get financing, choose the "peibenzhuanyaohe" red performance. This leads to the luxury business market chaos dragons and fishes jumbled together."

e-commerce analysts, the domestic luxury electricity supplier has not been developed, mainly by domestic consumption and consumption ability >

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