nternet students also flow dead flow

reason is very simple, do not know you, no one to see you, listen to you, you have no influence. If you are not the party newspaper, and no influence, then all the assumptions about the profit has become a mirage and insubstantial objects profit depends on the influence, so. The two media marketing theory (or the three should be a commonplace talk of an old scholar, such as pin theory) the content to the readers, and then sold to advertisers in the premise of readers, are based on the influence of forging. Therefore, the content and distribution, become the basis of the two bricks".

Internet development in China, the media taste very heavy. Today, we can not accurately evaluate the domestic Internet media development, whether it is more advantages than disadvantages or disadvantages outweigh the benefits. From a business perspective, the media development is just passable although later caught, SMS and data value-added service, and online games, but now in retrospect, still scared and sigh: because of the advertising revenue and the influence of forging "burning", is a drop in the bucket and an utterly inadequate measure. Many websites die at the tipping point, stupid and tragic. However, from a sociological perspective, have far-reaching significance, the development of China Internet media at least, with the aid of the network interaction and instantaneity, in words, we start from gossip and erotic, tasted to the speech of democracy some pleasure. Although in the eyes of Zhang Zhaoyang, the network of speech democracy has risen to language violence, but I always feel that it should be: let the storm come more violent"!

today’s Chinese Internet environment is different from 8 years ago, traffic and attention gathered in the traditional portal. For the new site, the opportunity cost and the cost of access to the flow of the larger, even snowball, the cost is more and more, once the beginning can not be cleaned up. Therefore, the public relations and marketing to become the only required course. Only one purpose, access to traffic, and then realized with traffic. By the way, I do not stir the word derogatory sense attitude, but it only means of promotion, promotion must be subordinate to the overall marketing plan, only through promotions pull flow only waves, tide tide, there is no tomorrow. Qi Xiangdong, President of Qihoo network said the future of the Internet have countless money mode". In my view, no matter how much money in diabolic tricks and wicked craft patterns, only two: one, two, users pay; third party payment (such as advertisers). Flow is a typical model of third party payment model. So, this goes back to the beginning of this speech. The Internet bubble period of "burn" feat, but also in the practice of "two marketing theory". But why failed? The reason is more, in addition to the high cost of operation, the theoretical analysis of the application of media operations, the lack of relevance and purpose of the Internet in the issue. Why? An old saying goes, "on the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog."". The effectiveness of the release is very low, the spread of the act itself is effective, but did not spread to the spectrum of the user, so the two marketing may become impossible. The burn is just "two marketing" is not sufficient conditions, necessary conditions. If the early Internet >

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