The decline in the performance of Koo Buck was ridiculed

November 18th, after Youku announced third quarter earnings, the investment community in an uproar. Youku fell 16.11% today, reported $17.24. The future assets, investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Paget have lowered its target price. Among them, the future of Korea Investment Corp asset securities is straight called Youku disappointing performance".

is someone else’s fault, or their own problems?

for the third quarter failed to produce a qualified answer, Youku CEO Victor Koo (micro-blog) and CFO Liu De (micro-blog Music) gives a lot of explanation, including "the trend is not good, many stocks are down, investors in the next year Chinese advertising market and Chinese economic worry" and "domestic monopoly the search engine of the video search bias their investment in the company’s" etc..

Youku CEO Victor Koo

Koo claimed: Youku has more than 40% from the search engine traffic, and now it comes from the search engine traffic is only $20%." The decline in performance attributed to the bad environment and search problems. As if it was someone else’s fault. Is this really the case? Or do you want the data to speak?.

from the search engine traffic accounted for the decline, is the problem of search engines or the site itself? Do a horizontal comparison is very clear. IResearch data show that in 2011 7-8 months, Baidu for each video site to take the flow of the total traffic accounted for the site’s overall proportion: Youku 22%, PPTV26.4%, Tudou, odd arts, 35.8%, letv.

in fact, the search engine is only to meet the needs of users to enter the quality of the site traffic, there is no obligation to provide traffic for individual sites. At present, the film, television and video has become a user’s favorite online video program type, LETV, such as the art of high-definition video drama as the main video site naturally become a hot spot for Internet users search.

another data confirmed: Youku users browse a long time when the market share has dropped significantly. According to the market research data Ai Rui, based on "user browsing long" market share fell sharply, down from 40.7% in August 2010 to 29.2% in August 2011, and the Sohu, such as video Qiyi growth.

Youku in the end how?

of neither fish nor fowl

domestic video site is not referring to the YouTube model is to refer to the Hulu model. Youtube is mostly on the content uploaded by users, is the embodiment of the spirit of sharing the Internet; Hulu mode is more like an extension of the traditional video in the Internet field, all of the videos are genuine, high-definition, there are a large number of subscribers.

and the domestic video site Youku pioneer, there is neither fish nor fowl. On the one hand, the site is very similar to YouTube, from the user’s original content (UGC) traffic accounted for >

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