Railway booking site traffic soared among the top eleventh electricity supplier website


chart for the last three months of Alexa ranking growth


technology news January 5th evening news, since the railway ministry announced the full implementation of the network ticket, official ticketing website 12306.cn traffic rapidly, network traffic data provider Alexa data show, according to the flow calculation of the website has become a major electricity supplier website Chinese eleventh.

in early December 2011, the Ministry officially announced the spring full implementation of network ticketing, prefix C, D, G intercity EMU high-speed rail, prefix Z nonstop, all trains and express the T prefix K prefix can be purchased through 12306.cn.

After half a month after the announcement of the

message, 12306.cn’s Alexa ranking from three months ago, the world’s fastest outside the world’s rapid rise to today’s world’s top 1560, China ranked in the top 102.

Alexa data show that 12306 of the ranking rose almost every week thousands of page views (PV) compared to 1 months ago, an increase of 630%. If it is classified as the electricity supplier website, it is China’s eleventh largest electricity supplier website, ranked second only to the ranks of the United States and ranked the top ninety-seventh in the grip of the network, and the flow of the site continues to surge in the 12306.

interestingly, even the domain name similar to the site 12306.com also follow the light, the site from three months ago, the world’s Top 80 thousand, up to the top 30 thousand.

"it ugly interface, it UI rough, it is unstable server, it is the user experience is rotten to the pole. But it is the history of the most cattle electricity supplier did not do a penny of advertising, just a few days the global ALEXA rankings surge, the number of orders is expected to be the first day, do not worry about sales, the first rate of well deserved. It is China Railway booking network." Micro-blog users @ long asked evergreen (micro-blog) so described 12306.

network landing difficult, submit orders too slow, I can not wait for the votes and other issues become the focus of user focus. Railway Transportation Bureau official explained that the network is difficult because of the booking system during the visit is usually several times, resulting in abnormal, the future will increase the broadband network. The source added that due to these new measures and related facilities, many of which are the first time to greet the spring peak passenger flow test, is still in constant perfection, passengers please give understanding.

analysis of an industry engineer, said the Ministry of Railways caused by the site was criticized for the main reason is not enough votes.

, he explained, for example, every spring if there are 8 million passengers to buy train tickets, but only 1 million of the amount, the result is the 8 million stop on the page refresh, 100 of them get votes, but the remaining 7 million will also continue to refresh. But >

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