World Wide Web foundation announced the World Wide Web index ranked first in Sweden

technology – Tencent (Eloise) September 5th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the World Wide Web Foundation (World Wide Web Foundation) released the latest issue of the World Wide Web index (Web index), Sweden ranked first, followed by the United States and the United kingdom. The World Wide Web foundation was founded by Tim, the father of the world wide web, and · Lee (Tim, Berners-Lee), ranking 61 countries in the world based on political and social networks.

the World Wide Web index research results show that censorship and high broadband access costs are a major obstacle to the development of the Internet worldwide.

World Wide Web index is based on the data obtained over the past 5 years, with a score of 5 different categories for the 61 countries. These 5 categories of infrastructure construction and availability of communication infrastructure – internet connection; System Construction — education, laws, rules and review system; network content — whether can access to Internet content relevant and useful; use of the Internet, the Internet within a country can be used to the extent; political influence; economic and social influence.

according to the index, the highest rate of Internet use in Iceland, accounting for about 95% of the country’s total population.

Ireland, ranked tenth in the overall economic impact of the highest score, from 2007 to 2010, the gross domestic product was affected by the impact of information and communication technology, 14.8%.

Yemen scored a minimum of 3 categories, including the social and economic impact of the internet.

Berners Lee explains why the Web index is so important, he said, "this index shows the obstacles to the development of Internet to us, it is a powerful tool to provide guidance for individuals, organizations and governments to improve the whole society."

global dialogue

World Wide Web index survey results show that 30% of the country is facing the content review of the government, of which about half of the country’s freedom of press and publication on the increasingly restricted.

Berners Lee warned that the Internet should be a global dialogue. Online and offline under the growing pressure on free speech, are likely to become the biggest challenge for the future development of the internet.

World Wide Web index also showed that although the cost of Internet access in Western Europe is increasingly reduced, but the Internet is still a luxury in most countries in the world.

In the 61 countries surveyed by

, broadband connection costs still account for about half of the per capita monthly income.

Berners Lee believes that the high cost of broadband connections deprived of billions of people access to the Internet to acquire knowledge and participation rights. Significantly reduce the cost of Internet is imperative." >

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