Research released report buy site in July to visit the user 46 million 250 thousand

September 13th, iResearch released today "China network group purchase Market Research Report", the report said, in July 2010, a weekly visit to China user group purchase website continues to grow, the overall scale of the whole month users reached 46 million 258 thousand people, accounting for all the website to access the user’s specific weight is 12.4%, accounting for 19.3% of the amount of shopping website. The following is the full text of the report (short version):

a report summary

China’s current network environment as a whole is conducive to the development of network group buying

Ai Rui advisory

comprehensive analysis of all factors, that the whole Chinese current network environment conducive to the development of network group purchase, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: one is the base of Internet users, and increasingly rely on the Internet to obtain life service information; the two is the development of online shopping market, training with user willingness to pay and supporting service providers; the three is a network of community development, provide social tools for group purchase website marketing.

China group of users, nearly 70% of the direct access to buy site

iResearch survey data show that the user access China group purchase, group purchase website directly choose nearly 70% users, followed by e-mail, accounting for about 20%; accessed by group purchase navigation sites accounted for only 10%; and the shopping website user traffic sources like distribution. Ai Rui consulting believes that although the various ways to bring the flow of different sizes, but taking into account a variety of ways to supplement, buy site should make full use of various ways to push buy information to expand user coverage.

China buy users, the proportion of users concerned about 1-2 times a week the highest

iResearch survey data show that the degree of concern of users Chinese group purchase group purchase information as follows: 1-2 times a week on the highest proportion, reached 45.6%; followed by almost every concern, accounting for 32.8%. IResearch analysis, along with the user to focus on curing the habit of buying, users view the frequency of buy information will tend to stabilize.

two, report text

1 network concept and system

1.1. network group buying concept and classification

network buy definition

network Shopping (Online Group) is a certain number of users through the Internet channel group, with a lower discount to buy the same kind of goods business activities.

network group buying classification


network group purchase note: yellow part, third party independent buy site for this report key research content.

network group buying characteristics

transaction volume limit: the premise of the establishment of group buying is to buy a minimum number of needs; due to production, distribution and other aspects of the problem, usually buy activities will be set >

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