The rise of the United States and the rise of high-end apparel customized Amazon threat dominance



in the field of high-end custom clothing, Amazon has no advantage, which makes startups have a chance

introduction: foreign media today wrote that a large number of companies have launched high-end clothing online customization service in America in recent years, attempts from the e-commerce market size of up to $200 billion a share. These start-up companies in the full support of venture capital institutions, is a powerful challenge to the market dominance amazon.

below is the full text of the article:

get VCs favor

with more and more consumers turn to niche sites far below the department store price to buy high-end custom clothing, New Enterprise Associates, Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures and other Vc firm are increasing the electronic commerce field of investment.

according to the National Venture Capital Association data show that in the promotion of these Vc firm, the retail industry in the United States network this year has raised $328 million 700 thousand of funds, more than doubled compared to the year 2011. J. Hilburn, American Giant and Bonobos, such as the United States high-end custom custom companies have also entered the e-commerce market, trying to get a slice of this potential market.

according to market research firm ForresterResearch estimates that in 2016 the U.S. e-commerce market size will reach $327 billion, far more than $202 billion in 2011. Custom clothing company shipped directly from the factory to the consumers in the supply chain is omitted in the shops this link, which can sell for less than the store price, profit rate is also higher than the online retail giant amazon. With this business model, they won the favor of consumers and Vc firm.

Battery Ventures partner Blaine O’Malley (Brian · O Malley J. Hilburn) said: "the sale of the shirt fabric produced in a factory in Italy, and Zegna’s shirt with the fabric, but in Neiman Marcus (American luxury chain corporation) the price is as high as 300 dollars."

OMalley added, "J. Hilburn to lower prices for the consumer launch completely tailored for the same shirt fabric, but because in this process as much as possible to reduce intermediate links, their business profit margins are still good." J. Hilburn total financing reached $12 million so far, Bat>

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