Zhongguancun electronics stores will die and an nternet.


Behind the

electronic stores dying:

1, big pain point disappear. Zhongguancun was saved by the computer, but now the market is almost nonexistent.

2, in front of the electricity supplier, electronic stores have no competitiveness at all.

3, the user experience is too bad, into the electronics store into a lot of basic encirclement and numerous traps.

Internet subversion is not the biggest subversion of the channel, but changes in consumer behavior. Look at your side, too many products are being subverted, 2014, will it be you?

= escape from Zhongguancun line ===

hundred million of the world today is the whole of Zhongguancun tomorrow, in the home appliance stores, book stores have experienced painful transformation, and now finally the electronic store." December 18th, Beijing Zhongguancun world electronics store owners Liu Kaiyun told the China Times reporter.

Liu Kaiyun is trying to become a member of the World Committee of the owners of the world, he hopes to promote the transformation of the world billion". As an investor, the owners of the world’s 100 million have been in conflict with the world’s 100 million operators open. Both the double pressure of foreign aggression and years of accumulation brings in the electronic commerce of the world, billion at the end of 2013 into a face history node overturning, the store was the largest in the history of merchant tide surrender.

in fact, and the world, adjacent tophere billion dragon two hypermarkets, also appeared different degree of business vacancy. "Rumors of electronic stores, are dying" between Zhongguancun merchants spread rapidly.

back rent! Rent back!


billion world building businesses vacancy rate than rumors in the more serious, in December 18th, "China Times" reporter saw in the building lots of gold in Zhongguancun, stores a layer of merchants has several businesses only There is not much left., no one to greet guests, mostly in finishing shops, to move to the other.


is still "all black entrance guide" dedicated to keep in billion of the world, but most of them will be "customer" to other stores, because the company’s already moved".

Compared to the

and stores a layer of empty, stores 3, 4 layers are still part of the business normal business, businesses not staying here to the relocation of the signs, but left behind only four to 50%. More than 3, more than a layer of the ground floor of the store is deserted, about 80% of the idle shops in the 4.

in the world’s 5 TIER Food Plaza, a notice clearly informed that the food plaza only business until December 31st, after entering the food plaza in 2014 will no longer operate.

is also located in prime locations in Zhongguancun and two hypermarkets tophere dragon, better than the billion world, but also the rent situation compared with a few years ago. Two stores, although the first and the two layer >

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