Rookie webmaster ten realistic photos

      1, no funds, even space are free.

      2, no technology, even domain names do not know how to resolve.

      3, no popularity, no one can help problem.

      4, despised, and sometimes ask some so-called master, after waiting for the next 48 hours can not get a reply.

      5, love daydreaming, has been able to think like Li Qingping with dozens of HTML pages to create a Hao123 out.

      6, the site IP over 100, immediately as happy as a wife.

      7, the money received by the union, immediately want to tell the world that people know.

      8, Baidu included, was pleased with oneself night without sleep.

      9, praised. As proud as a cock.

      10, by deception, immediately post publicity around how liar, his QQ address, what what…… Can’t find his picture, as if he was sent to hell.

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