Tang Wei suffered telecommunications fraud is a successful event marketing

Tang Wei suffered telecommunications fraud, netizens have said in shock: the goddess is pure! The loss of 210 thousand yuan of the goddess reforming feeling back to set to "cheated", said: "we all know it!" what? Know liar Li and I? Received such a call before, and I set up near, I asked who he was? He said you couldn’t come out? I ask who you are? He said I have a mobile phone you can’t hear my voice? I said Zhang ah, he said yes. After a molested I said Zhang you owe me that by the end of ten thousand to the Oh, a liar directly hang up.


knows? The whole truth, can we know? We assume that the goddess of the nerd than I stayed, she is really cheated, but this is really not a bad thing, as she used to be blocked is not a bad thing. Legend of the ban, only to make her visibility increased visibility. The cheated 210 thousand, causing the National People’s attention to the discussion, only 210 thousand, too value. Now the headlines are not one hundred and eighty thousand.

Although the goddess

also attracted a low IQ of bad reviews, but the "graph" is not with "rotten" successfully reached 200 million at the box office and create one of the most successful network marketing case? "Graph" released in June 9th, less than 24 hours have bad comments such as tide, although the film side to find some water to the praise, but was soon drowned in the waves of bad reviews in. Then the party held an emergency meeting to do public relations crisis, is "the poor become Tucao, June 12th has millions of fans of the marketing of micro-blog" micro-blog funny list "forward ordinary users" Dr Hilu Luke for Joe "on the" graph "a long" micro-blog Tucao this is a place in the extradimensional world the martial arts story ". In addition to reprint, "micro-blog funny list" also launched the "Fuchun God Tucao" activities. Subsequently, several well-known sina on more than one million fans of micro-blog marketing such as "embarrassments encyclopedia", "global anecdotes" and "global rankings" have been involved in. This can cause the public’s curiosity, also indirectly into subsequent bad marketing. Bad reviews do not matter, the box office is the last word.

after decades of development, the current marketing has been extended to the network, and has developed a unique network marketing, has a growing influence in the community. Just as the popular lotus, rogue Yan, Mu Zimei. Later, with the rapid development of the network of hot spots, appeared in the network marketing planning, began to build a network for the enterprise and the product brand image, then there is a network of interactive marketing scale, become a normal mode of a traditional marketing indispensable, including some in the online postings of the company, so the network interactive marketing after several years of practice, the formation of a new advertising communication theory.

on Tang Wei suffered telecommunications fraud this thing, I do not think it must be speculation, mainly Tang Wei brokerage team often do this kind of thing, such as speculation was blocked, such as letinous edodes >

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