56 ( love network) everything as early as expected

these 56 days can not open the site, the article is also a lot of online discussion. How exactly the 56, we can not predict. But we should be able to think of its results.

in fact, 56 of today’s situation, as early as I expected things. Why? First I talk about myself and the history of 56.

early in 2006 when just learning to apply for a personal home page, found 56.56, feel good. So I apply it to the mailbox, and give up their own Sina previously used. Cards, personal information have changed 56 mailbox.56 also provides online photo stickers and storage function, the at that time it is very fashionable, many young people love and pursuit. However, time is less than a year old, unhappy things happen, often unable to open the mailbox, sometimes a few days are not open at that time. I feel there is a bad feeling. Then one day when I boarded the mailbox, completely collapsed, not the service, then they would wonder, why not give notice? Because of this thing, I went to search for about 56 of the history and business people, it is not me We all know that. I think 56 is difficult to develop, at least it is not our pursuit of a stable choice. I think I put the above photo transfer to another space, the more hurt my heart, even all the information not in, also cancelled the function of this. Something is hurt my heart. Then the 56 does not have what good feeling.

later know 56 specialized video service. I went to the next, also provides 1G video upload. But I just thought, even a mailbox service is not good, can do this. Of course, I won’t go to the 56 station video, feeling too fuzzy.

these 56 days can not open the door, a lot of video station owners engaged in the complaint, in fact, you can only blame themselves do not have a wise choice.

personal feelings, there is no meaning…

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