Secret nternet gambling caught a fish

"we caught a small fish, after a period of investigation, we found that there are hundreds of local fish such as Guangzhou." Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, Yuexiu District, December, 16 people on the reporter lamented.

at the beginning of this year, found in several unemployed accounts often appear massive liquidity at several million yuan, the Guangzhou market of Yuexiu District public security organs dispatched to seize the 3 small fish bell as the representative of Hongkong residents".

December 9th, the Guangzhou court in Yuexiu District for the first time the application of the criminal law amendment six to casino crime will be sentenced to one year to four years in prison for the 3. However, these three people accepted in January 2007 January -2008 year totaling only about 2000000 yuan.

reporter learned that the domestic similar size small online casino up to several thousand, while the size of more than billion yuan is not uncommon, the foreign gambling website ("Liuhe color", the total domestic soccer gambling), agent, agent and member of the formation of online gambling industry chain, the annual intake gambling hundreds of billions of yuan.

caught a fish

although the Ministry of civil affairs, the General Administration of sport also has a variety of types of "welfare lottery" and "sports lottery" issue, but in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places, the underground network gambling industry higher returns or in rapid expansion.

reporter learned from the Yuexiu District court, the convicted defendant Zhongmou, Guangzhou born residents of Hongkong, set up outside the Liuhe lottery betting site from January 2007 (, the organization to carry out online gambling activities.

and other offshore gambling sites is similar, the external website "general agent" and "agent" and "members" of different levels of positions between the upper and lower positions of mutual gambling and profit settlement member is responsible for receiving others betting, gambling profit amount from "general agent" and "agent", "member" according to the proportion of share.

It is reported that in early 2007

, bell began his web site as "agent", and served as the "agent" website in June 2007 under the defendant Lao Mou et al, Lao Mou and the defendant were served as a development site "member et al".

in January 8th this year, the Guangzhou public security organs will be arrested by the investigation of the three defendants, seized cash, deposits and tools of crime, computers, telephone, fax machines and other properties of a number of detained.

is responsible for the investigation of the case of Yuexiu District Public Security Bureau official told reporters, in just one year, Zhongmou accept bets on the aggregate amount of 1 million 180 thousand yuan, a 810 thousand yuan to accept bets, betting o received 150 thousand yuan, profit of three per capita crime accomplice.

at the beginning of the December 2008 Yuexiu District court after hearing that the defendant bell, Lao Mou, both a for-profit, offshore gambling site

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