From the market to go, is generally not ideal temperament of commercial society

in the first half of this year with things like it more, and 58 market, the U.S. group and reviews, and now where and Ctrip merger, this thing will indeed have an impact on both industries, but this article is not to say this, but would like to take this topic, the nature of the problem, such as the premise, context and consequences of the organization and the organization of the merge.

ideal harmful to health

the current ideal is undoubtedly over consumption. No matter what the actual starting point is, everyone will do things will be packaged as an idealist practice, because it is more obvious benefits, but there is no cost.

In fact, if

is to classify all kinds of organizations, there will be two poles: one point is idealistic; one is pure interest oriented. Of course, in reality, more organizations will be somewhere between the two, but the latter.

Generally speaking,

is often thought to have a better, but in fact not always, the ideal can be said to be more style, but there is no direct relationship between good or bad. Hitler is an idealist, with many of the traditional "ruling" expectations, but undoubtedly Hitler has brought great harm to the world. The ideal, is easy to think that they are completely correct, and not easy to compromise; pure pursuit of the interests of seemingly no principle, but it can avoid the collision is too fierce, because of any party is a huge loss. This means firmly believe that the ultimate value of a certain standard, the standard of value only if unable to verify, and don’t believe that, the organization will in fact lead to collision without reservation, and the collision may have actually no benefit at the ideal health from this angle. Try to solve the problem of the West’s early attempts may be the 1635 Treaty of westphalia.

The premise of

acquisition or merger exists is because we are not pure idealism, so under the premise of profit maximization will last grotesque situation today draw sword against shake hands.

this actually reflects a deep-seated contradictions in this enterprise organization: not a metaphysical values, not enough to put many members of condensation condensed into tissue, but this should be the transcendent values or ideals must be a price.

even management gurus such as Drucker is trapped in this problem, he played an analogy: profit to enterprises as the water to the individual, can not survive without profit enterprise, but the enterprise survival but not for profit purposes, as life is definitely not to water. This is undoubtedly enhance the organization of this style of the organization, for the parties to leave a very large space, so that the results of the parties feel that they are not just making money. But the fact is clearly not the case, in a high frequency change, increasingly fierce competition in the world, Drucker’s statement can only be an illusion, the ideal ingredient in most companies is extremely limited.

but even if not much, a little more or less will really lead to a lot of companies do not

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