365 into Jiangsu in the real sense of the nternet listed companies in second

last night, according to the Commission’s website gem issuance examination committee in 2011 the sixty-fifth meeting of the audit results announcement, Jiangsu 365 Network Inc first pass. This means that 365 of the Nanjing people are more familiar with the real estate website company, is about to visit the gem. You had it on the network, the future of the listing, will buy it shares it?

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will be second Internet companies listed in the Soviet Union

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Sorry people!

at present, the number of Nanjing and other cities in the province, including the economically developed Suzhou and Wuxi, the real Internet companies rarely listed. In comparison, in the well-known njusoft Hongkong GEM listed as an example, can only be regarded as a software company. Jiangsu’s first Internet listed companies should be regarded as the focus of science and technology, it operates the B2B e-commerce platform manufacturing network in china. Therefore, the 365 after the listing, Jiangsu will become the second real Internet listed companies, which mainly relates to the real estate, Home Furnishing, and consumers are closely related, so whether investors or consumers are very concerned about the property.

reporter yesterday through a 365 network of internal staff to understand, because had heard the wind, internal staff has been very excited, but there is no official notice of the internal. We are most concerned about whether or not to raise wages, others do not understand, the staff told reporters, our company is still very humane, there are two times a week afternoon tea, employees will be sent to the dim sum. According to its introduction, usually employees work around the real estate network services, including new houses, second-hand housing, home, life, etc..

yesterday at sina micro-blog, Nanjing for its users would have applauded: "it is for Jiangsu’s Internet Co for the face." Netizen Octopus brother R, said: remember that the listing is only the beginning, if you are sorry investors, you should know the power of user interaction."


industry is expected to issue price of 30-40 yuan or will create three new billionaires

yesterday, the Great Wall securities Nanjing Wei Tong Road business department deputy general manager and analyst evergreen believes that in August 1st this year, 365 coverage rate is relatively high in Nanjing city in three, although the city site is still relatively small, and if the profit model copied to other city, growth space is relatively large, which is its advantages. Disadvantage is that if the real estate business budget contraction, it will affect its business.

evergreen analysis, 365 of the amount of fund-raising project based on about 200 million, to be issued in the 13 million 350 thousand shares, the total issued share capital of 53 million 350 thousand shares. According to this calculation, the price per share of about 18 yuan, according to the prospectus, 2011 1-6 month net profit of 31 million 599 thousand and 200 yuan this year, even if the annual net profit of 62 million yuan, divided by the total share capital after the issue, equivalent to a net profit of 1.2 yuan per share, about 15 times the earnings release. However, this is only based on the current pre

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