Who is in the rush to grab traffic and grassroots

we are at the grassroots, in the bottom of the network to do a lot of things, the link text, so hard every day to run the own small website, but how many people know their roots behind the sad and helpless? But most concern for us is that we may grassroots traffic and the problem of money, all of us as the link text, and ask someone to do Links is to let others know our website, to improve their flow, only the flow we can make money, we can only flow to make my own proud. But with the development of the network, our traffic is less and less, in the end is who and our grassroots grab traffic?

1, Baidu grab traffic boss

Baidu can be said to be the boss and we grab traffic, although our traffic is from him, but if not we grassroots efforts, Baidu can succeed? Now we can often see a keyword originally their ranking is the first, but because the popular Baidu. You want to mix foot, so your ranking dropped, Baidu’s own products in the first row. Or you say today the whole web traffic is stable, but tomorrow has become half some negative point becomes zero, email and ask them to call is basically nothing to ask, they are always the same answer, let you feel helpless.

2, portal

portal lets grassroots life more difficult, when there is a hot spot of the portal site began to do the topic, but they do this project would suffer us, because they are the rights of their major portal, with their relationship with Baidu, although Baidu is the boss however, they can also count the second. And the website blog but very much, think of sina inside the Xu Jinglei blog ranked first to see him that tens of thousands of traffic, our grassroots small website is simply less than niumao.

3, SEO ace

in this era, technology is the most important, but we are not the grassroots a technology, a web site, the same contents as the template, the content is copied to you, you also like plagiarism, but they are ranked in front of you, make you feel very distressed, very helpless, because they have the technology, resources using the technology of their own, let us small grassroots life more difficult! My life is very small website www.moshouzhengba.org pain

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