Jingdong was denied a prepaid card Unicom resale agents sell card two

who stole my prepaid card?

hotline 96101 morning news (reporter Yue Yilei) "the card number and password are in my hands, but why be to sell Jingdong?" Mr. Yang is Liaoning one of Shenyang Unicom agents, in April 19th, he found a customer to recharge a Zhang Shangwei electronic recharge expired card failure, after the inquiry found that the electronic cards are sold to a Beijing Jingdong users Mr. song. This strange phenomenon, Jingdong has yet to give a reply.

Yang said that in April 14th he from China Unicom to buy more than 100 electronic prepaid card, but one of them to the user recharge in April 19th found that failure, after inquiry, found the card money is charged to a user in Beijing. The electronic card and password has been in my hand, why would

take wings to itself? "

Mr. Yang to reporters came when business card purchase vouchers, the reporter noted that the stolen prepaid card number is "981201343919195", valid until December 31, 2016, a face value of 100 yuan.

by Mr. Yang, a reporter with the Beijing user contact Mr. Song, Mr. Song confirmed that he was in April 19th by the Jingdong store to buy a hundred yuan electronic prepaid card, transaction time is 11:30 in the morning, the payment amount is 98.5 yuan, and the success of their own name to recharge. Song by providing the order number, the reporter also confirmed from Jingdong, the transaction does exist.

reporter then learned from China Unicom customer service, the card number is "981201343919195" of the electronic card is really recharge, recharge time in April 19th, Mr. Yang (April 14th) after the purchase time, so the procedure is normal, not the responsibility of China unicom. Customer service staff confirmed that these electronic card numbers are unique, once the transaction is successfully printed business documents, no longer, there will not be a card two sell phenomenon.

why Yang Yang in the hands of the electronic card will be sold to the user in advance of Beijing Jingdong Shenyang customer service said it is not clear, as of press time, the Ministry of public relations of Jingdong did not give reporters a reply. Yang said that although he will lose 100 yuan, but it is unclear why, I hope the Jingdong to give their own answer.

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