Chen Yizhou said that the pattern of the domestic SNS has been determined to engage in T people lau

April, the wind is very big in Beijing, Chen Yizhou went to Guangzhou, told the media: the domestic SNS pattern has been set, the school value of $1 billion 500 million, the people engaged in IT in Beijing, after listening to, all laughed.

SNS market size of more than 30 million

in December 2007, a gathering of the industry, the school network, the person in charge of the Xu Zhaojun disclosed that the school has more than 20 million registered users.

4 months later, Chen Yizhou in Guangzhou, the media interview, modest the number of registered users will be reduced to a school of 15 million. He said: the school has accumulated 15 million registered users, like the user with this service is limited, China may also be on the two, thirty million".

Chen Yizhou said two, thirty million of the vast majority of users refers to college students. School is starting from the college market. But only 5 million of college freshmen are enrolled each year, and the school itself is also trying to expand the market.

China’s SNS market size is by no means only 30 million, as Xu Zhaojun said: SNS will be the foundation of the Internet applications". But in the initial period of market cultivation, college students are still the main user market of SNS.

cultural fault  

school from December 2007 onwards, to open the registration of non campus users, hoping to develop white-collar market, but there is no significant increase in traffic.

school students to non open market, is about to see Facebook registered users and traffic in the open market after the white-collar white-collar market by leaps and bounds, it was decided to open, hoping to Facebook that registered users can stride forward singing militant songs.

however, schools ignore a problem: the different Chinese with the United States, there are Chinese cultural fault, and obviously.

China since the reform and opening up in 1978, after the western culture and the impact of the impact of the 1980 after the birth of the younger generation. These 80, 90 young people love funny, offbeat, say, Mars, the sun, outlandish costume.

especially in 1985 after the birth of the child as a clear limit.

the younger generation’s manner of speaking, dress and behavior seem to be incompatible with those born 80 years ago.

the conflict brought about by this cultural fault has been extended to the internet. 80 and 90, the mainstream is a fashion, love your web page to do in front of 80 people garish, eyes and even no beauty, in their eyes is offbeat and unique beauty and fashion.

grew up in the United States, a friend told me that the United States and China have a similar situation, there are 80 said, but not as obvious as China, because the United States is the culture itself.

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