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I graduated 07 years, college, read the last year did not read, tuition did not pay, so the diploma has not yet, do not intend to. Because what things can not learn, let me very disappointed, most of the time in the university self-study, and now work is basically used to learn things.

I was at the end of last April to Guangzhou, began looking for work from May 7th, local live signal is not good, so I do not know how many missed telephone interview, official work time is May 23rd, looking for a job almost spent half a month. The company I work for is No. 8 for my first call, the formal work before going through the interview, and then talk about salary determination work. The interview is mainly to see the boss of a person’s character what the interview is mainly to see the technology, give me the second interview is an art director of the NetEase (please the boss when I walked the boss told me that he was not advised me to leave, I said what is suitable for large companies, mainly is the boss see later I have to keep my prospects). The company idea is "avant-garde", it was time to go to do community polymerization, then out of order made several versions, what electronic newspapers and magazines, the application of FLASHCOM Asia commercial online video, imitating what basically is to see the network together, what new do what. Finally to do now is a real estate news website DIG. I was in charge of a sales executive who was not able to leave the company. Spent a total of 8 months, let me know the so-called new technology, or as they say is the new media, I have also become a bit impetuous in there, I basically do not have their own web site during the day, at noon break 1.5 hours by self-study of the DIV+CSS, this is what I got in the the company’s biggest receipt. Summarize the company management personnel are not equipped with good, let a person do sales management, repeatedly change site drag and drag, a waste of time and money; but cannot carry out creative boss down, also reluctant to spend money or operational planning, recruit graduates are seeking high – the low salary is of course in order to save costs, but actually save


to leave the company, I know that after the lantern began looking for a job, the job is too fast, noon resume, afternoon call second days after the interview, second days after the interview on the morning of the third day notice of work. Later learned that the work was doomed to failure, why? First, in a hurry, no time to find other work; second, the company is too far away, but also to transfer; third, the job is too complex, telephone, computer, computer repair, buy website, plane, video etc.. Also, the company rules too much, the manager is too fierce. Less than 7 days a month without pay, a total of less than 7 days without pay. Then I thought, if I had been working there, after a year, I would probably have lost something on my own website. The day before I left, I was talking to the general manager and the manager about the website

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