Both the cash profit and against rival Alibaba sold twenty percent off new shares or

Alibaba B round began to invest in the U.S. group, in the D round of Tencent involved in the United States and led the group and the United States after the merger of public comment, Ali, the United States and the relationship between the group broke. Ali began to sell new shares of the old process.


source: Vision China

The new

"in the second half, Ali did not want to participate.

September 5th, Alibaba on sale new shares news was again mentioned in. Interface news reporter asked the transaction stakeholders, the other said, Alibaba has been in the sale of the U.S. group of old shares, has been handed over to the investment bank in the sale, and now out of the file, is part of the agency packaged to retail projects. Current progress has reached 30%."

this is not to say that Ali has been held by the new big sell 30% shares, but in the long game Ali and the new, the whole process of Ali shares into the entrusted investment bank to sell has come to 1/3.

reporter asked about the matter in new people and new ways to comment.

the source of the above remarks also confirmed on the market shares of large packaged products that is not new. In September 5th, news reporter login interface found the official website of the boat billion assets "unicorn equity investment fund No. 3 – new" investment products.

In the

project highlights, especially points out the "new big round of financing valuation for $15 billion, $18 billion investment. The amount of the fund’s share of the old shares of Alibaba valuation price of $12 billion 450 million, $15 billion for the current round of financing valuation of $17% off, higher than the same period of the security margin of the same type of product market."


official website "unicorn boat billion assets equity investment fund No. 3 – new" investment products

January 19, 2016, new big announced a new $3 billion 300 million round of financing, valuation of $18 billion. In accordance with the 15 billion yuan of assets given by the ship, has been given a $17% off; and if in accordance with the price of 124.5 to calculate, the discount has reached 31% off.

August 22nd, Zhou billion assets announcement said: I launched a "million boat assets – Unicorn equity investment fund No. 3 – new" private equity fund fourth open period in 2016 08 month 19 days to raise the end, 08 2016 to 22 August was established.

is another important bargaining chip, the market is expected in 2-3 years to complete the new general listed companies listed, investors can achieve exit. Coupled with the new financing before, in a number of institutions, the Tencent, DST, loved the letter capital, capital Kaiyuan, Temasek and other institutions for endorsement, investment targets become more credible.

last year, a lot of private equity products are eligible to vote >

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