Have you ever thought about these questions and motives before doing the micro business!

on why do micro business, what motivated, perhaps this question is very simple, everyone says, want to do the derivative money, this is certainly no one no ground for blame, doing nothing to do to pass the time derivative, everyone rushing to make money for this purpose into the derivative of the industry, but the bread it is so big that it is impossible to ensure that everyone can eat, so do the derivative must be thinking, why do you want to do, or that you have what kind of conditions now, you have those resources.

you may have in the micro business inside this circle for a long time, but still did not achieve good results, a lot of people are looking for me to complain, micro business is difficult to do, and not to the precision of the customer, this course will be mentioned in the back, said here is whether you have been in line for a long time, some of the basic the problem you are not serious about doing the brutal scraper sellers mode, and even their own selling goods are mixed, do not know, this is a very common problem.

a lot of people don’t really think about it, why do some people because of the micro micro business, taking a very attractive monthly income of million advertising attracted the first think little of the derivative, the start of the agency, began to take the goods sellers, only then understood, was not so different of course, only strange mind fever. Some people do, see the advertising circle of friends is very attractive, very real income screenshots, income is also very impressive, also choose to become a micro business, the motivation is very simple, is to make money, he can earn I can earn, but money is not to send a few pictures, circle of friends to send advertising can earn far. No imagination so simple, finally found that the money is not easy but also cheated out of money, sometimes encounter is not responsible for the home, sometimes encountered a liar, you also did not earn money back, and lost some, this is a lot of micro have encountered something. It is because of anxious, so I think little of, cheated.

entered the industry before, you have to think carefully, then the money can only make you grow, every industry is not so simple, are filled with every kind of the Bureau and the pit, you may accidentally fall into the trap, do business, after thinking and analysis, largely you can avoid started to fall into traps, finally perishing before victory, greatly frustrated my enthusiasm. To learn more, ask all kinds of people, a lot of people can come and talk to you about those bloody lessons.

I think before doing micro business, may wish to consider the following issues:

1: do you understand what a micro dealer is?


the hearts of many people is the WeChat circle of friends scraper sellers, this is just a narrow definition, a year ago, perhaps in this way we can accept, now for the advertising people very annoyed, because it is more than a certain degree, if I ran this idea to do so, it is difficult to.

two: micro business can quickly build up the family fortunes off


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