Summary of the techniques and methods of mall operation promotion

now more and more mall class website. Recently, there are friends to find me to talk about the promotion of this site, because the reasons for personal work, the recent few really concerned about the number of such sites. Not all of the chat, so the use of spare time to work on the site today to do a summary of the method. (must be able to think of a limited way, welcome to add!)

OK, the following questions:

first: C2C network platform

point of the platform: Taobao, pat such a large web site, they have their own very mature community, so choose these similar places is good.

second: related BBS website

go to the relevant BBS forum website submission, send high quality articles, remember to find their own industry related sites, the effect will be better.

third: soft Wen promotion

is now recognized as the most effective and most useful method, as long as you can write high quality soft text, it is difficult to succeed.

fourth: website activity

can engage in some activities on their own websites, such as: now many sites are popular spike activity. In short, the method is now people think, and come up with a suitable for their own implementation on the line.

there are now a lot of points for the forum advertising, auction, kick floor are good oh.

fifth: blog marketing

believe that we are not strangers, you can find some names Bo, industry experts, consumers, etc. in the blog recommended our mall, they can raise a related best.

sixth: database marketing

establish a user database, retain users, allowing users to repeat the purchase, in the establishment of the user database, the more detailed the better.

seventh: search engine promotion

commonly known as the price, and now Baidu renamed Baidu promotion, not much to say, but if you want to do, it is best to understand the people.

eighth: email marketing (EDM)

believe that people who have received useful QQ mail, there are shopping malls, some buy site product information, auction merchandise. Now most of the hair is Bao

and pat.

ninth: micro-blog

micro-blog is very fire, playing a lot of users of micro-blog, if we can make good use of this platform, I believe the effect will be very good.

tenth, SNS platform

although micro-blog is very fire, but the SNS platform can not be underestimated or a platform to identify the user base, action bar!

eleventh, mobile information

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