Taobao to promote small strategy rookie confidence

a lot of people think that small sellers started struggling, a rookie, want to do is very difficult. But with the Internet system growing, more and more vendors choose to join the Internet Internet platform with wide coverage, convenient operation and low threshold to join many advantages, eager to earn a pot of gold.


in recent years, the rapid development of Taobao, its broad space for development to attract a large number of businesses to join. However, everyone knows that Taobao is making money, everyone knows that Taobao development space is very wide, but twenty-first Century is the advanced science and technology, the talents of the era, no skills, do not understand the Internet, not to talk about how to carry out marketing and promotion on the internet. Daily break pick up goods have recently been considering such a problem, this is not a while ago with net to push the small talk, to explore the experience.

more and more businesses are worried about how to seize a place on the Internet platform, but at the same time more and more businesses are gradually abandoned by the competitive Internet platform. It can be said that at present how to realize the operation and promotion of Taobao stores, each win business has become a hotly contested spot.

actually, want to have a certain customer resources on Taobao, occupy their own place is not a difficult thing. Today, pushing the small network to bring you a small strategy, for reference only, do not spray.

1 to do good work must first sharpen his



before the operation of the promotion, what did you do to prepare? To fight the battle weapons to prepare properly! Grasp three points: what is the promotion? What kind of people? Where? This is our ideological tool, first determine the target, there is a direction to the targeted operation promotion. Blind around the link, only half.

2 for the first

to rangwai security

either primary or senior rookie businesses, all cannot do without "and one" the operation path. Here may not be appropriate to stabbing outside. Don’t complain about the external cruelty and hardship, to push the network Xiaobian, all reasons are shrink excuse yourself! You can’t mess up, take it. Internal, is their own shops must be decorated, beauty, baby title, shop advertising language and so on, to give people a kind of want to stay to see the feeling. The internal management system must follow the prescribed order, everything in good order and well arranged. To improve their own factors, and then began to solve the external problems, it is not a lot of relaxed suddenly rookie who have a little confidence in their own


3 three of us are walking together to be my teacher


each person to do Taobao, in the course of practice, will find out their own marketing channels. Doing business on Taobao is quite different from the physical store

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