Men’s clothing, said the online publicity Bible

set up shop on the Internet, with the physical store, the need for a lot of advertising and publicity, in order to make your shop so that more people find. Of course, there are many ways to promote, we can try to do. Because of their own shop time is short, there is no actual combat experience, the experience of those who are now out of the shop and friends together to share, I hope to be able to bring you a little help. I summed up the experience, the article may be longer, we can look at a little patience. After reading, please give a little support, into the to help increase the popularity of some people, there are friends of the Taobao collection, thank you!!!

a reasonable use of various functions


avatar, signature do a beautiful portrait and forum signature map, the best is dynamic, can you sell baby, do you not illegal advertisement! Attract irrigation



, Wangwang

a will want to set up as a publicity state (such as coordination, to give you men’s clothing, from head to foot with Zhenwofengcai), promoting the effect?.

b set a want automatic reply, is set to "I’m not here right now, busy, this effect is not good, can be written as:" I’m not here right now, emergency message, Iraq to give you men clothes from head to foot coordination, filling the Zhenwofengcai!!! "? don’t let people enter your store know what you sell. Then how to contact the forum, help people solve problems, such as his reply will see your auto reply! Do you not illegal advertisement!

3, the link to make good use of links, try to sell the same baby store or browse a high store for friendship, you can attract potential customers.

4, shop template design shop template, strive to be beautiful and vivid!

5, baby keywords in the name of the baby plus a few key words such as men’s clothing, jackjones, Dior, CK, jeans…. (not related to the key words in violation of the provisions of Taobao, the consequences of serious) because a lot of friends to buy the baby is the time to use the keyword search. Specific keywords set their grasp, such as: Men’s clothing related keywords can have jackjones, Dior, CK, jeans, etc..

6, the main project main project — basic keywords set to add keywords associated with the sale of the baby in the store, to other sites to search!!!! help visitors to increase your visibility and store.

7, increase the number of baby

as much as possible on the goods (not repeated!), because the probability of each baby be buyers see is the same, so baby can increase the number of your views, to many people, sales of natural, but must be divided into many categories yo, otherwise it will become the grocery store, influence their shop >

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