Link exchange Raiders what is worth noting

a good link, not only to bring traffic to the site, but also to improve the site’s PR, improve the site’s ranking in the search engine. But now too many quality is not very high webmaster, use some technology, to cheat link. Such as hijacking over the high PR, or with JS, iframe and other ways to exchange links, this is unfair to the owners. Therefore, we must pay attention to these places before the exchange links. In this paper, according to the experience of the exchange links, write down what they do in the process of exchanging links. My link to the following steps:

1 when someone to exchange links with me, or I want to exchange links with a website, the first step, I will check each other’s PR, and look at each other’s PR is the real PR. For example, my new bookstore online bookstore and 1b2g net exchange Links, the first step, I checked the site of PR 5, using PR detection tools to detect the site of PR is real. Screenshots are as follows:


After the

2.PR detection, we need to look at the site in the major search engines and rankings, if PR is high, but Baidu is not included, then we certainly can not exchange with it. Another note is that Baidu snapshot date. Through the following tools, we can easily understand the site in the major search engines and rankings. Tool address: Screenshots are as follows:


through this tool, we can see the major search engines to the site collection are also good, PR is high, the search engine is also very good, Baidu snapshot is in 2 days, I certainly hope to exchange with this website, but I cannot carelessness, because I also need to check some of the other place.


3 we may also need to detect the 1b2g network is not linked to the home page in the JS or IFRAME inside. Or there is no link to add nofollow tags, or is there a ban on his web site to grab the spider ‘s home page. Above these aspects, for the webmaster, exchange links have no meaning. So how do we determine these areas by looking at the source code to check each one, this method can be, but for the novice webmaster, it seems a little trouble. Here, I recommend using the link checker to check that the tool can check all of the above. But I have not exchanged links with it, how can I use this tool to check it? We can do this on the’s website

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