Besides, the effect of low cost of soft Wen is not blowing

posted on the Internet, the biggest advantage is that you can make your information spread more widely, so that more people visit your site. A valuable soft Wen, not only need the old driver like experience, need more elaborate writers, readers can quickly to secure.

An article in

, not a good title, but if you are pregnant before full color value is very low, greatly increased the difficulty of being found, and now the audience, often take 2 seconds to glance at the title, to decide whether to read the article.

so, a good title, to attract customers / consumers go on, will you write the article to judge whether the quality is high, the amount of reading is possible with 100 thousand +, that how to write the title to the 100 thousand +


have you seen the way to pull the banner on the wall? No words you have seen in the village? Have you ever seen on the wall of the classroom inspiring words? Can learn from them!, domineering mighty without integrity without limit, as long as you want to get out, then put it on


for example, if from the point of interest.

example: Conscription: university graduates to join the army, the priority promotion back to tuition.

cosmetics: under the "spot" as early as possible, do not leave "pox".

comment: tell others what your product can bring to them, from the bottom of the customer, a product that is good, can not solve the needs of customers, it is not good.

you have more insight into human nature, you can write a good article title, after all, is speaking in front of the routine, are you all to write the title, but was helpless, no scheming bitch, title humble, no one! Then, an infinite number of routines, sincerity is the only way out of


of course, want to complete a soft Wen, you need to find the following:

1) product selling point, you want to focus on packaging products through the soft core selling point.

2) soft topic, according to the target population, to find the poke of the pain points, high points, entertainment and at the same time be able to complete the theme of the core selling point of the product packaging.

3) content material, according to the theme of multi-dimensional material collection


contents of the plan will affect the experience, good news release text reader will read, but not good quality content articles, readers may open at a glance off, which formed a bounce rate, the search engine will be people reading time, and the bounce rate of such criteria to judge the quality of the press release, so we can plan the readers to read the content, also can bring a good ranking.

we can sum up their strengths and weaknesses, and then according to the characteristics of their own companies, choose their own company’s soft Wen promotion, such as news of the soft Wen promotion is suitable for each kind of company, >

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