An experimental report on blog hype

Experimental methods and procedures:

1. analysis of some popular high blog. The blog found high popularity, mainly in the following situations: Star blog, the domain expert blog, hot background (some blog posted on the Sina blog page is rather baffling, not what celebrities are not what content). Blog, to visitors, I had to rely on to win the popular hot articles.

2. select hotspot. There are many hot spots: current affairs, culture, education, entertainment, finance and economics. Pay attention to a wide range, can cause the most controversial topic in a short period of time to accumulate popularity. After careful consideration, I chose the "super girl" as a topic. Super girl has many fans, and the fans groups differ, can cause controversy.

3. manufacturing gimmick. May 9th, Changsha Super Girl 10 has been hot baked. Immediately someone commented on the top 10 list, the list itself is no longer speculation space. So I made the top three predicted such a gimmick. A few brief comments, a few photos immediately get a "Changsha super girls predict.

4. publicity. My first choice in the Sina blog internal propaganda, the main method is the hot topics, comments and links, such as in the Sina blog page "super girls Changsha sing 10 strong one by one said (Figure)", I added the link. But the effect is not ideal, only a small amount of increase. So, I chose Baidu post bar as the main battlefield of propaganda. It turns out that the choice is quite correct. I am in Zhang Yafei, Xu Fei, Li Na and several high popularity of the 2006 super girl’s published links posted, a surge in traffic.

5. feedback and improvement strategy. In the Baidu shopping Post Bar at the same time, I found that the "super girl Changsha division three strong" and "Nalena and the prediction of 2005 female national top 10 PK" such haotie. A previous post only has certain popularity in the super girl, "and Nalena and 2005 female national top 10 PK" poor popularity. Then I make a prompt decision posted the two articles in my blog. Then to Zhang Yafei, Xu Fei, publicity to three prediction list PK as a gimmick to Li Na, and Li Na was the black wind "as the title of promotion. But the 2006 super girl popularity is limited, if you want to seek a breakthrough, must from the buzz Li Yuchun Post Bar, Jane Zhang Post Bar, week Bichang Post Bar 2005 Super girls start. I then made "with her and **PK, looking for a fight to defend the * *" as a gimmick in the spread of each bar.

6. other. In the process of publicity, I studied the Baidu post bar a period of time to determine the level of popularity, that is, often refresh the update time to see posts, as well as the frequency of their posts sink down. In the judgment of different Post Bar popularity, in order to avoid the post sink to the bottom, I changed IP to the top, ensure promotional stickers always on top, to ensure the post attention. Experimental results:

2006 in May 9th, 16:38:19 issued the first hype Posts access: 1152

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