How to do a good job in the promotion of electricity supplier website products

Whether it is

or network world in real life, as long as it is to sell goods store and sell goods website, in some cases will choose to do promotional support, because the promotion facilities can more quickly and better sell goods. May ask what is the webmaster promotion facilities, the author simply to do promotional support: refers to the commodity itself, can help persuade the end-users to buy additional benefits, such as a website selling glasses, in the description of the goods after the owners can add this kind of text, such as a clearance sale then, how many numbers before the deadline, the thirty percent off, the purchase of any pair of glasses, complimentary gift and so on some text, in fact it is not listed in the item and product itself, but each one gives users an additional purchase to attract. So, this is a commodity promotion package.


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most of the time, browse product information users on your site will feel very good, but did not make a purchase decision, and the user is shilly-shally, write a wonderful promotion information is likely to become the final blow through the user to buy psychological disorders, prompting the user to pay the goods purchased. In fact, I have been doing in the website promotion marketing, the author thinks that promotion composition and description of final effect is to let the user feel unable to refuse, before I earn a promotion by supporting time. So, if you miss the electricity supplier as a webmaster of such a good marketing opportunity, simply sorry for myself. So, how to do a good job in the promotion of matching in the promotion of electricity suppliers need to consider what to do when it comes to the following by the author according to their own experience to communicate with the majority of the webmaster.

a sense of urgency

First of all,

is a sense of urgency. Products on the site, as far as possible to promote the user to buy now, do not wait until tomorrow, as far as possible so that the user is now out of pocket to buy. If some users do not buy today on your website, tomorrow may be purchased at other sites, in order to allow the user to buy the first time on your site, the user can choose to give a sense of urgency. So, at this time to do promotional content can be limited or limited, in short, to allow users to realize that, if such a good opportunity not to seize the future can not be. Of course, whether it is limited or limited, must allow users to believe.

The best way is to tell the truth when

owners are convinced that the time limit is real. Why? Because the truth is the most appealing and persuasive, as the most common season clothes sale, autumn can sale the summer clothes, general users can understand or tell the user, is to increase the market share or squeeze competitors, there are some defects or in goods, and sold so cheap sale, so users also believe that more. But be careful

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