0 cost of capital can also do a good job of network marketing time cost is higher

The development of the Internet

so that more businesses and individuals willing to try network marketing, and more and more successful cases appearing on the Internet and let everyone think network marketing is so simple, anyone can do, who all want to do. Unfortunately, the final result is really good, do not have a few satisfied. Why is this happening?

Why do not the

enterprise network marketing, the guardian of Yuan Kun talked about before, there are several reasons: first, others do I have to do; two, I have a huge amount of resources, to make a platform; three, my money hit, hit a result; four, there is no network professional marketing personnel; five, enterprise network marketing is the feeling empty, indecisive.

understand why the business network marketing is not good, so we are trying to solve these problems. For the network marketing this work, most of my friends can not see, feel very simple. Just like the guardian of Yuan Kun in doing business services, many companies face financial problems have been withdrawn, feeling a little bit of investment. In fact, the work of the network marketing, the real investment is not large, mainly can not see the effect of the early, many companies do not dare to do it.

afraid to invest money is one of the problems encountered by most companies, a few days ago there is a large-scale activities need to do marketing. Yuan Kun proposed guardian must choose full-time staff to do this thing, the partners feel no need. So I say if looking for part-time staff, must be done and the marketing of the proficient, overturned. Because of the larger plate of the entire campaign, I asked how much money I was prepared to invest. It is a shirk, also said that these are not a problem, mainly to see who to do, how to do.

last night, to see the famous micro-blog media from the media extension Yt published a micro-blog: see so many marketing cases, feel that they are marketing experts. The case is often by priori, must not be applied mechanically, it is good to find suitable. The money is not too capricious, convergence point. The micro-blog issue attracted everyone’s comments, and comments forwarded later Yu Tuo Yt 1: everyone shouting do not spend a penny, well-known, sales of tens of millions, really, I really do not know how this is done, I will never learn.


network marketing is a long-term adherence to the work, so first of all, there should be a time cost in it, the courage to cast time. Like Jingdong and other electronic business platform, temporarily or loss, do not know when to profit, but investors dare to vote. Many of my friends say I have plenty of time, the key is to insist on doing one thing every day? Take a very simple example, now a lot of friends in the QQ space to play, adhere to a daily diary, can persist in a year there will be several


when we have a certain ability, their time is valuable, this time to do is to spend money to solve the problem, their time out to do their own

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