Small and micro entrepreneurs for marketing! How to do a low temperature spread

is like water, lengnuanzizhi, so also spread. The spread of temperature, where to start?

every festival, friends can always receive messages from a variety of small, fresh rhetoric piled up big Qing style bombing, three days can be heard without end.


always wrote a warm heart, simple a few words " XX, ", happy new year; more than the bulk temperature and impact strength inside.

because, you spread the object, not a cold digital ID, but a living person.

also face people, let us switch to the perspective of the small micro entrepreneurship spread. How do you have a temperature spread?

four tips, see if you can if not, filled with wisdom, chrysanthemum tight is good.

from functional appeal to emotional appeal

let’s see what Uber did.


] pumpkin car: on the eve of Children’s Day, Uber and GOELIA to achieve the "dream princess" on-demand service, just one button, a Uber extended Lincoln white princess car small when princess dream for you, and the customized beauty scheme, help girls achieve Princess dream.

what do you think? Is the introduction of the product important, important, but not the most important?.

if you do not agree with the emotion, the function speak more, the product sold, you and the relationship between the consumer is over. Of course, do not rule out the complaint of this nightmare relationship: (-)

to the customer through the emotional connection into your fans, no longer just " trading relationship " but emotional resonance.

because the fans are an emotional bond to maintain, fans behavior far beyond the consumer behavior itself.

cool enough, there is no feel

my heart grass root who in the world, let me wait for grass root shows there is a sense, is the brand of the Long March, because the time is different.

industrial era is the scarcity of resources oriented, its greatest contribution is to meet the lack of human material. Because of lack of material, the scale of production is king.

that era, the taste of the individual is through " there is no " embodied, not " cool cool ".

cool enough, there is no personality, your goods and services can highlight my high cold temperament?

if you can’t let me have such a feel in a short time, then…


learn to tell stories

"story" has always been the temperature and sentiment

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