Chinese parasol tree capital Tong Weiliang start your business model in a timely update

you want to do business, the core of the enterprise is how to create value, transfer value and gain value; and the enterprise is how to locate the business system of enterprise is what kind of, this service system will have what kind of profit model.

1, business model: from traditional to modern

traditional business model is such a state: with the human gathering, it will form the so-called shop model, the flow of large places to store, sales.

followed by the Internet era, it is equivalent to a new world, where there is no flow of people shop. For example, the first Amazon, Taobao, Jingdong. Pure Internet business enterprise huge losses continue, because the Internet didn’t flow, beginning often rely on is the low price subsidies to attract users, like eBay and Taobao, eBay started to charge commissions, when it entered the China, continue to want to do trading commission fee, Taobao said I don’t trade commission, the subsidies worse, although Taobao was in a complete state of loss, but the eBay.

now Taobao, Amazon is a combination of B2C and past C2C. Taobao Tmall, Tmall is a sense that some genuine, offline businesses enter the mall, the price subsidies lead to user experience will be much better, the beginning is certain subsidies, but subsidies to a certain stage of it without subsidies. This is the Internet scale, when you have a huge scale, you actually have the ability to control the supply chain upstream and downstream when you have a huge scale, but there will be a new profitable way out.

such as value-added services, Amazon has formed AWS, Taobao Ali cloud, they give a lot of business as a supplier base platform, and even many non business Internet business provides a layer of cloud based services, they become this big business. Amazon is actually the largest Internet based service providers, Amazon cloud is the world’s largest cloud service provider, China’s Ali is doing such a system.

from traditional stores to Internet plus shops, to extend back to do some things, business models are constantly changing.

and tying mode. The basic price is very low, or even a loss, but the price of consumables and related it is very expensive. For example, razors are cheap, but the blade is expensive; the printer is cheap and the ink cartridges are expensive.

2, how to innovate business model?

first, change the income model. Microsoft is the industry leader in packaged software sales, but now can sell software to sell money, especially in China are cottage, are pirated. Salesforce changed the software package, it has set up a platform for all applications, full function in the Internet platform above, enterprises did not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a set of software, but to use the system to rent. The complete set of software sales model into platform rental service model, opened a new business model. >

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