Water baby sunscreen officially entered China landing Tmall nternational


] February 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network that famous American sunscreen company Coppertone (really beautiful with) has landed Tmall international in February 16th, this is the brand for the first time in the official channels to enter the China.

it is reported that the current Coppertone official overseas flagship store display only 8 models of goods, are sunscreen products. These products are currently in the pre-sale state, the official delivery time is March 15th.

Coppertone early AD

According to the

Coppertone for billion state power network understanding, Bayer Group’s products, pioneered by the pharmacist Benjamin Green 70 years ago, the flagship sunscreen, the "water baby" series of products in Chinese high visibility.

at present, Coppertone has entered Hongkong, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia and other overseas markets, and at the highest level in the business department store, shopping mall, downtown area operating within about more than and 430 independent shops.

its parent company Bayer Group is a German pharmaceutical company with a range of pharmaceutical, diagnostic equipment, crop protection products, plastics and fibers, etc..

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