Taobao and regional B2C portal strategic adjustment behind

recently a friend asked us if we did the auction, guess the price of such activities, buy, spike this kind of activity, what impact on the shopping site?

auction price and guess the more is to enhance the site of PV, to attract members attention and participation, and some general seckill promotion means, can be used as soft advertising, to attract non registered members, is the extreme price promotions, starting a new name, in fact, is just an extreme reaction of the original entity store activities to attract popularity.

with the spike activity promotion means have what? How to avoid the negative impact of the recent Taobao spike activity seems to have a negative impact on many. But for B2C, it should be said that there are relatively good results, including the current large sites in the parity of the activities and so on, are trying to achieve a similar promotional effect. For C2C relatively speaking, due to limited conditions such as trust. Spike this formulation, the data has to be supported. But now some of the more famous Taobao shop, but also started a similar living. Overall Taobao uses seckill is a big campaign, and while it enhanced flow, while adjusting the strategy to attract businesses to join the brand building brand flagship store. This is Taobao recently to achieve his goal, a strategic adjustment to guide the trend of Internet consumption, is said to have 1 billion 800 million Taobao seckill activities click, peak flow is also expected to bring the test server. First of all, Taobao itself is a huge flow of domestic first position unshakable. Secondly, there are many involved in the spike is well-known brands, trust OK. Overall, for Taobao, the propaganda effect is the most important, especially he pushed B2C for a long time, did not reach the expected effect so hot. Some people worry that Taobao’s spike is just a way to enhance the popularity of the B2C site, the flow will instantly surge, after the end of the event, instantly fell


first we need to know any promotional activities, will be such a curve. However, this is Taobao strategic adjustment, we all know that Taobao is the integration of B2B and B2C, but now B2C and C2C now have gradually been replaced local platform and vertical portal, Taobao in order to suppress these platforms have to rely on brands, on the one hand to attract businesses to join the Taobao brand, opened a flagship store, on the one hand he to ensure his own traffic advantages, is a big campaign seckill.

or Taobao is a grocery market, what about the trend of Internet consumption? Then someone asked that Holland will auction to seckill better? Taobao’s current market is still China, rather than global, so customers must be in China’s Internet users, and people of Holland auction in the short term is difficult to accept.

as a local B2C site how to counter Taobao so practice?

In fact, all the business model of

, there are few elements, brand, quality, price, service, local B2C site is now out >

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