After an aggressive weekend, Wisconsin readies for more

first_imgThe Badger women’s basketball team went 0-2 over the weekend and will have a short week of practice to prepare for the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State Thursday.Recently the Badgers have played two highly competitive contests against No. 11 Notre Dame and Marquette. The 4-2 Jackrabbits should provide the Badgers with somewhat of a break after their aggressive weekend; however, UW head coach Lisa Stone knows that she must keep her team focused on the task at hand.”Every game is dangerous, there is not an easy one on the schedule. I’m happy we are playing at home, I like what I saw in our team and in our work ethic and effort [Sunday],” Stone said.Despite the loss, the team responded very well to Notre Dame Sunday after a poor showing Friday against Marquette, where they shot 31 percent.”They’re believing they can win, they’re upset that they lost. Our team is very positive. They’re not down about the losses, they’re excited to get back out there,” Stone said.Though the Badgers have proven they’re ready to mentally bounce back, the team has not bounced back physically as of late.Wisconsin has caught the injury bug the past week, losing starters Ashley Josephson and Kjersten Bakke to games over the weekend. Sophomore guard Janese Banks was also forced to wear goggles to protect an eye injury sustained Friday night.”Injuries happen in athletics in any sport … having played the way we did on Friday, banged up, nicked up and with three starters out for the game. To play the way we did [Sunday], I’m extremely encouraged.”Out with the old, in with the new: Due to the injuries that the starters have sustained, the doors have been open for younger players to gain some experience on the court.Freshman center Caitlin Gibson received her first start Sunday and made the most of her opportunity, going six of 10 from the field en route to a career high 12 points. Gibson also logged 24 minutes on the court, stepping up for the injured Bakke.”To have the opportunity for somebody to step up and do, for instance, what Caitlin Gibson did yesterday. She became a crowd favorite. What a great chance for her to go against one of the top post players in the country and to be a presence for us,” Stone said.Gibson was forced to guard Fighting Irish’s 6-foot-5 center Melissa D’Amico all afternoon and Gibson outscored her 12 points to 11.”[Gibson] was going against some tough competition,” Stone said. “She scored inside and I thought she defended D’Amico very, very well last night. I thought it was a big confidence builder but now obviously expectations rise and you want to see that every day.”Sophomores stepping up: This season, the Badgers have been relying on a pair of sophomore guards to step up this season after having excellent freshman campaigns.Sophomores Janese Banks and Jolene Anderson have each improved over the offseason and are showcasing their ability on the floor and well as in the locker room.The two guards have personalities that complement each other on and off the court, yet Stone is quick to note their differences.”I think they are as different as they come,” Stone said. “One is quiet and one is not, but they compliment each other on the court and off the court. They have different personalities and we’re asking them to do a lot of things. They are doing very well from a leadership standpoint and productivity, on and off the court which bodes well for the future,” Stone said.last_img read more

Missing dog: Appeal launched to find missing family dog in Lifford/Raphoe area

first_imgAn appeal has been launched to find a missing family dog in the Raphoe/Lifford area. The French Bulldog went missing yesterday and has not been since.The owners are anxious to see the family pet returned home safely. If you have any information to share please call 0868611075 or 0879426257 or contact Emma Gilfillan on Facebook.Missing dog: Appeal launched to find missing family dog in Lifford/Raphoe area was last modified: June 12th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Iguodala recalls when he and Draymond got under Kevin Durant’s skin at practice

first_img“Hey bro we not doubling in open gym. I … Length is a big deal in basketball. Legs, arms, wingspan, stride, elevation. The longer the better.One possible exception: A long memory.Three former Warriors teammates — Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant — were recently included in a hot topic circulating on Twitter.The subject sprung to life recently when Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker got his tank top in a knot because he was getting double-teamed during a pick-up game.last_img read more

Cosmic Star Formation: When Elegant Theories Are Wrong

first_imgAn astronomer wrote about “cosmic train wrecks” in Science recently.1  Paolo Coppi (Yale) was speaking about galactic mergers, but he could have just as well been talking about current cosmological models.  Things once thought to be understood are coming in for new scrutiny, now that more powerful telescopes can peer deeper into the veiled hearts of galaxies.  One galaxy in particular, NGC 6240, thought to be the result of a merger, was mapped recently in unprecedented detail.     In the middle of a rather straightforward article describing current thinking about what happens when galaxies collide, how stars form, and how black holes behave, he ended one paragraph with a surprise.  It was kind of like the ending word “not” in the slang of young people – e.g., “Astronomers understand star formation – NOT!”Detailed observations of nearby galaxies, the only kind we could carry out until recently, identified two main modes of star formation: powerful and rapid “starbursts” caused by NGC 6240-like collisions and the much less dramatic but quasi-steady formation seen in the disk of our Galaxy.  Because objects like NGC 6240 are rare today, one might speculate that most stars form “quietly” in disks.  The larger, so-called elliptical galaxies, which do not contain much gas, then come from late-time mergers of smaller disk-dominated galaxies that have turned their gas into stars.  Mergers play a minor role, mainly gravitationally scrambling already-made stars.  While elegant, this story seems wrong.The problem is that now it appears most star formation appeared early in the history of the universe.  NGC 6240, with two black holes apparently orbiting its center, and no star formation going on today, may be a “common oddball,” – something that should have been rare, but appears to be representative of the state of the early universe.  Coppi called this “very surprising” and something that creates an “intriguing new problem for us” –Today’s elliptical galaxies are “red and dead” because they contain predominantly old (red) stars and are not forming new ones.  Very surprisingly, some of the elliptical progenitors also appear to be “red and dead”.  Unless we invoke a new mechanism that rapidly and permanently stops star formation, the most massive objects in simulations turn out to be too massive and never sufficiently red and dead.One solution is to include feedback from the accretion of a supermassive black hole in the models.  There seems to be observational support for actively-accreting black holes in systems like NGC 6240, with regions of active star formation going on.  “This plus the surprising discovery that every nearby elliptical galaxy contains a black hole with a mass proportional to that of the galaxy strongly hints that rapid star formation and rapid black-hole feeding and growth are both inevitable and closely connected consequences of a cosmic train wreck like NGC 6240 where gas is gravitationally squeezed into a very small volume.”  But where does the language of observation get distinguished from theory in such a statement?    From that point on, Coppi focused on prospects for improved observations.  The Laser Interferometry Space Antenna (LISA), expected to be operational in 2015, might be able to detect the signature of black hole mergers through gravitational waves they emit.  But there is “considerable speculation,” he said, about whether black holes accrete slowly by feeding on their own stars, or form catastrophically through mergers of galaxies.  He’s not even sure LISA would be able to tell.    In his discussion, Coppi was assuming black holes are real.  Better not tell him about other astronomers who are denying that black holes even exist.  A recent article in ScienceNOW Daily News began,If new calculations are correct, the universe just got even stranger.  Scientists at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, have constructed mathematical formulas that conclude black holes cannot exist.  The findings–if correct–could revolutionize astrophysics and resolve a paradox that has perplexed physicists for 4 decades.There’s no doubt that very massive, compact objects exist in the centers of many galaxies.  Asked what to do with these observations, which lead most astronomers to believe the universe is full of black holes, “‘[Lawrence] Krauss replies, ‘How do you know they’re black holes?”  No one has actually seen a black hole, he says, and anything with a tremendous amount of gravity–such as the supermassive remnants of stars–could exert effects similar to those researchers have blamed on black holes.”    Krauss and colleagues performed detailed calculations taking into account the relativity of time.  They showed that time stops before a singularity forms, meaning “black holes can’t form at all.”  If so, one consequence is that “In essence, physicists have been arguing over a trick question for 40 years.”  Their claim is controversial at this time.  Critics point to other observations which support the “traditional” black hole explanation.  What all might agree on is that the new observations and theories show that the universe is, indeed, getting stranger.1Paolo Coppi, “Inside a Cosmic Train Wreck,” Science, 29 June 2007: Vol. 316. no. 5833, pp. 1852-1854, DOI: 10.1126/science.1139057.The point of this entry is not to take a position on controversies about star formation, black holes or galactic mergers, but to illustrate the difference between real objects and scientific objects.  A scientific object is something about which we cannot know directly through experience: a black hole, a quark, the core of the earth, the interior of the sun, a universal common ancestor, a prebiotic soup, etc.  Nobody denies that cars exist, and that if you drive one into a telephone pole, bad things will happen.  But scientific objects can only be inferred indirectly.  Scientists conceive of their objects as useful entities in equations, and elements of their models in theories.  How real are they?  That is an entirely different question.    Here we have seen astronomers and cosmologists struggling with and arguing over some scientific objects.  There is no question that they “feel” these things are real, and “believe” they are discussing objective reality, but how can they justify those beliefs?  As with Darwinism, new and better observations frequently raise new puzzles and occasionally threaten to overthrow what was formerly thought to be well understood.  As “elegant” as some ideas may seem, that alone does not prove they represent reality.  The universe has no obligation to submit to human measures of elegance.    It may have been elegant to envision galaxies aging slowly, with star formation occurring at a relaxed rate over billions of years.  It may have been elegant to envision ellipticals as relics of mergers that stripped away their gas and left them as museums of already-formed stars.  Now what?  The new observations led Coppi to admit, “While elegant, this story seems wrong.”  Now he has to tweak his scientific objects.  Now he has to envision a new mechanism that “rapidly and permanently stops star formation,” or has to tweak the models to include feedback from gravitational collapse, or has to keep black holes from colliding.  Then Krauss et al come along and claimed black holes are not real.  At what point can they claim their scientific objects are real objects?    Dr. Steven Goldman (Lehigh U) produced an interesting 12-hour series for the Teaching Company on this problem: “Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It.”  We’ve mentioned the applicability of these lectures before to questions we often discuss here.  In excruciating detail, Goldman gives example after example of controversy in all areas of science for over 2,000 years.  Are scientists talking about truth and reality, or are they merely playing games, like members of a fraternity?  Do the scientific objects they talk about represent reality or not?    Goldman leaves the controversy open.  His only suggestion, offered as a personal opinion in the last lecture, was that we don’t talk about scientific objects as realities, but as actualities – useful entities that allow scientists to make headway in their attempts to understand nature.  Yet it should be clear with a little analysis that this is mere quibbling over definitions.  Unless an actuality corresponds to reality, what is it?  If it isn’t real, or cannot be demonstrated to be real, then what kind of work are scientists doing?  That leads to other serious and troubling questions: should the public pay for it?  If all they are doing is speculating about things they cannot know, then what value does it have over other kinds of inquiry, that we should grant it epistemic authority and millions of dollars in funding?    Goldman illustrates the point that almost everything scientists thought they knew at the turn of the 20th century is now considered to be wrong.  There is hardly any scientific object, whether the earth, the atom, the universe, mass, time, space, the mind, consciousness, or just about anything else from physics to economics, that is looked at the same way today.  A logical corollary is that we have no confidence in 2007 that we understand scientific objects so well that our ideas will not be overturned a hundred years hence.    These kinds of questions need to be considered every time scientists talk about the objects of their study as if they are arriving at “the truth” about the universe.  Better data, better equipment, and better observations are essential.  We are not the ones to judge, however, the point at which our data are so good, and our ideas so solid, that no further scrutiny is needed.  The history of scientific revolutions warns us that even Newtonian physics, the epitome of rock-solid science, was vulnerable.  This is not to say that we must doubt everything.  Rocket scientists, after all, do get spaceships to Saturn at the right spot and the right time.  Scientists must be doing something right.  When observations continue to contradict theory for decades, though, and when the scientific objects involved are especially remote and far from experience, there is one law that actually gains credibility:  Murphy’s.(Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Bling Online 4pc Fabric Covered Headbands Alice Bands : Great value for money

first_img Nice bands for your own projects. . My daughter used this hair bands to make kitty ears bands. Nice for turning into something new and innovative using these bands. Nice little set of headbands and inexpensive, delivered very quickly, good for the messy hair mornings, fit adult women. Very lightweight and comfortable. Will fit a small adult head. I wanted to use a headband whilst growing out a pixie cut. Needes something subtle, not cutesy. They are covered in a ribbed fabric, therefore have no spikes to hold hair (which i don’t need). Can’t imagine they would hold very thick, long hair in place though. I love making hair bows and bands for my 3girls,these look great plain or with felt flowers and buttons on them. I’ve orderd 1 of each colour and am now going to order 2 more in each colour because i liked them so much and they make great gift. Great headbands and great price. Excellent hairbands, not too tight, so do not dig in behind the ear, colours are good, well impressed. Arrived quickly and we’ll packed, would buy from here again. Nice quality and they turned up quickly. These were bought for my daughters birthday party, so they can decorate with jewels. Nice quality and they turned up quickly. I ordered them for my 4 years old daughter. She wears everyday different colour. Usual cheap construction internally but this is hidden by the pleasant fabric wrap. Fabric covered headbands lose their grip really easily and are prone to slipping off. The build quality is acceptable- feels like a piece of cheap plastic covered in fabric. Definitely look for something else should you require something for hair that is quite thick and heavy. After a couple of uses, the headbands started slipping. However, if you’re looking for something just to hold your hair up this could work for you. Fantastic headbands for the price. I bought the school colours and will now order the other 2 sets and throw away my plastic ones. The headbands arrived promptly and are exactly as described. The quality seems decent and they’ll be perfect for the event that i need them for. Thought they might have been small but fit my head ( and various other family members i coaxed into trying for size) no teeth to dig into your head which is a bonus. Well presented in packaging. Are extremely at ease mainly because they are not to tide as other people they have used right before. The colors variety are very good.Wonderful headband which i have requested quite a few periods just before employed. Good headband which i have ordered several moments in advance of utilised to place personalized bows on, these are fabric covered which i come across remain in far better than satin kinds. Shipping was quick will carry on to buy these, also ordered from exact same supplier in diverse colours.Each band is well made and cozy to put on. Incredibly fantastic option of colours which accommodate not only school variants but also in vogue with the trend colors at the minute.Particularly as described marginally as well large for. Marginally much too massive for my lg’s head but she’s only a toddler anyway.Yeah there headbands do what they are intended to. I like them as i introduced them to make rather headbands for my daughter. They are terrific fabric and incredibly adaptable which is good as she likes to perform with them.Just what i was on the lookout for to resolve on to two quite low-priced fascinators. Fascinators by themselves attractive but the headband on the a person was way too small and the other didn’t have one particular at all. They are the suitable dimension for me and the colors are a incredibly excellent match to what i required. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones i’ve purchased in store. I’m a male with longer hair, and i’m fairly rough with these bands. Fast delivery order seen to promptly. To my family and friends head bands are great quality thank you. Cute little headbands, nice and comfy for my little girl to wear them and not bother her with being too tight. Don’t dig into the sides if my head like a lot of other hairbands do.Can also hold my naturally curly hair in place. Nice vibrant color Hairbrands!!Fab fabric alice bandsNice headband which I have ordered several times before used great price, great delivery.Great value for moneyWorks perfectly. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones Bling Online 4pc Fabric Covered Headbands Alice Bands. (School Colours)Value pack of girls alice bandsSet of 4 plastic headbandsWoven fabric coveringClassic colours in black, navy, red and whiteHair bands measure 0.75cm acrosslast_img read more

Astros start fast, top Dodgers for 2-1 World Series lead

first_imgBrace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Houston Astros’ Carlos Correa and George Springer celebrate Game 3 of baseball’s World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, in Houston. The Astros won 5-3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)HOUSTON — A perfect fit in their own place, the Houston Astros are halfway home.George Springer and the Astros broke out the bats early this time and kept up their big run at Minute Maid Park in October, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 Friday night for a 2-1 lead in the World Series.ADVERTISEMENT QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort McCullers left in the sixth as Los Angeles scored twice to cut into a 5-1 deficit. Peacock followed, and shouldered the load for a shaky bullpen by posting his first save in 11 years of pro ball. The right-hander was nearly perfect, walking one and striking out four.“It was awesome,” said Peacock, who made 21 starts and 13 relief appearances during the regular season. “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.”Coupled with four shutout innings from McCullers to finish off the Yankees in Game 7 of the AL Championship Series, the unconventional Astros became the first team to have two saves of three-plus innings in one postseason.On a night when a lot went right for Houston, also credit third base coach Gary Pettis, who’s been having quite a postseason. He boldly sent Josh Reddick careening home on a wild throw by reliever Tony Watson for a two-out run in the fifth.The Astros rode the momentum of a thrilling victory Wednesday night in Los Angeles, where Marwin Gonzalez hit a tying homer in the ninth on an 0-2 pitch from star closer Kenley Jansen, and Houston went deep three times in extra innings before hanging on to win 7-6 in 11.Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger almost won that game with a drive that was caught on the warning track in the ninth. He fanned all four times up in Game 3, leaving him 0 for 11 with seven strikeouts in the Series.“I think he’s just in that funk right now where he’s chasing balls out of the strike zone,” Roberts said.This game wasn’t nearly as dramatic, not that the home crowd minded.Fans were revved up from the start when injured Houston Texas defensive end J.J. Watt — who has raised more than $37 million for relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey — wobbled out to the mound on crutches to throw the first ball.Soon, it was time for the Houston hitters to take over. Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Read Next LATEST STORIES Trump attends World Series baseball game in Washington DC PLAY LIST 01:04Trump attends World Series baseball game in Washington DC00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Coming off a dramatic rally to win Game 2 at Dodger Stadium, the Astros improved to 7-0 at home this postseason. Jose Altuve & Co. have dominated, too, outscoring the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers 36-10 in that span.“We’re very comfortable here,” Hinch said.Springer lined a leadoff double in the first and the Astros went on to win a home game for the first time in the World Series. They were swept by the White Sox in 2005, and this win left them two victories from a most elusive championship.Game 4 will be Saturday night when Charlie Morton starts for Houston. Left-hander Alex Wood pitches for the Dodgers, facing a lineup that has put at least one runner on in 14 straight innings.“Obviously, this crowd is into it. Very educated, very enthusiastic,” Dodgers manager Dave Robert said. “They’ve got some confidence over there, that team.”ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Green, Beal ejected after fight during Wizards-Warriors game View comments Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 Gurriel homered into the Crawford Boxes in left to begin the second — he became the 13th hitter already to homer in this Series. Reddick followed with a double and Evan Gattis, the designated hitter with the game in an American League park, drew a walk.Gonzalez launched a drive off the wall in left and wound up with an RBI single when Gattis held at second, seeing if the ball would be caught. Brian McCann singled home another run with one of his three hits, and Alex Bregman’s sacrifice fly made it 4-0.When Altuve doubled, Darvish was done after 1 2/3 innings. He threw 49 pitches and the Astros swung and missed only once.Darvish had done well at Minute Maid, going 4-1. That included a 2013 start when he was one out from a perfect game for the Rangers before Gonzalez singled.“The fastball command wasn’t there, and the slider was backing up. So he just really didn’t have the feel and couldn’t get any type of rhythm going,” Roberts said.Last month, Darvish and several Dodgers players wore Houston Strong T-shirts to raise money for hurricane relief. The four-time All-Star who previously played in Texas also contributed to the relief efforts.On Thursday, Darvish kidded that maybe his goodwill would lead to good luck.“Since I made that donation, maybe I can use a ball that doesn’t have much pop in it,” he said through a translator.Nope, didn’t quite work out that way. CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding The ballpark was booming from the start, with cheers, chants and a train whistle echoing beneath the closed roof. Deep in the heart of football country, a sellout crowd stood much of the evening. And with every Houston batter getting a hit or walk, fans enjoyed the Friday Night Sights.“The energy in the building is second to none,” Astros manager A.J. Hinch said. “It’s loud. They’re loud from the very beginning.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutYuli Gurriel homered to begin a four-run burst in the second inning that sent Yu Darvish to the shortest start of his career. Astros curveballer Lance McCullers Jr. wobbled, but protected the lead into the sixth.Brad Peacock rose to the occasion with 3 2/3 innings of hitless relief to put the Astros two wins from their first championship.last_img read more

10 months agoChelsea hero Essien: Very difficult for Hazard to resist Real Madrid

first_imgChelsea hero Essien: Very difficult for Hazard to resist Real Madridby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea hero Michael Essien admits Eden Hazard is likely to be tempted by Real Madrid.The Blues value their prized asset in excess of £150m but Essien has hinted that his old team-mate might want to test himself in La Liga.Essien told the Daily Express: “Hazard is one of the best players in the world.“He’s been playing in the Premier League very well and looks fantastic at the moment.“The interest of Real Madrid, I only hear from people in the media.“But I mean when Real Madrid come calling… every player would love to play for them.“He’s happy at Chelsea though and hopefully we can keep him.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

3 hours agoArsenal outcast Ozil responds to his Europa League snub

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal outcast Ozil responds to his Europa League snubby Paul Vegas3 hours agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal outcast Mesut Ozil has responded to his Europa League snub last night.Ozil has taken to Twitter to post a message to the Arsenal fans after Unai Emery left him out of his Europa League squad for victory over Vitoria.The Gunners midfielder posted a picture of himself with Arsenal coach and club legend Robert Pires.Alongside it he wrote: “Trained with this AFC legend this morning. Always a pleasure to see you my Bro Robert Pires. Best of luck for the match now from both of us.”Trained with this AFC legend this morning Always a pleasure to see you my Bro @piresrobert7 __ Best of luck for the match now from both of us @Arsenal#UEL#YaGunnersYa#M1Ö— Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) October 24, 2019 read more

Doctors Urged to be Prudent When Prescribing Antibiotics

first_img Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Sancia Bennett Templer, is calling on healthcare professionals to play their part in reducing antibiotic resistance by only prescribing and dispensing antibiotics when they are needed, and in accordance with current guidelines. Identified as one of the most significant threats to public health in recent history, antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance is the ability of a microorganism, such as bacterium, virus and some parasites, to prevent antibiotics, antivirals and antimalarials from working against it. Story Highlights Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Sancia Bennett Templer, is calling on healthcare professionals to play their part in reducing antibiotic resistance by only prescribing and dispensing antibiotics when they are needed, and in accordance with current guidelines.“The ripple effect of antibiotic resistance is enormous, as when medications do not work as they should, the treatment process takes longer, which results in longer hospital stay and increased hospital costs. This can also result in the increased economic burden on families and the society, and may even lead to disability and death,” she pointed out.Mrs. Bennett Templer was speaking at the launch of Antibiotic Awareness Week on Tuesday (November 14) at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Regional Headquarters in St. Andrew.Identified as one of the most significant threats to public health in recent history, antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance is the ability of a microorganism, such as bacterium, virus and some parasites, to prevent antibiotics, antivirals and antimalarials from working against it.As a result, standard treatments become ineffective, infections persist and may spread to others, thereby increasing the prevalence of resistant bacteria in humans, animals, plants and the environment.The Ministry of Health’s National Surveillance Unit received 196 reports of multidrug-resistant organism infections in 2016. The medical diagnoses related to these multidrug-resistant organisms include urinary tract infections, bronchopneumonia, burns to the body, surgical procedures and wound infections.The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 400,000 people develop multidrug-resistant tuberculosis each year, and dug resistance is starting to complicate the fight against HIV and malaria.Mrs. Bennett Templer is urging players in the agriculture sector to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to promote and apply good practices at all stages of production and processing of foods from animal and plant sources.Members of the public are advised to follow the prescribed dosage of the medication by public health officials; refrain from sharing antibiotics with friends or family members, and to follow the advice of the medical officer to use other types of medication where an antibiotic is not needed for treatment.Antibiotic Awareness Week is being observed from November 13 to 19 under the theme ‘Seek Advice from a qualified professional before taking antibiotics’.It seeks to promote responsible use of antibiotics among medical practitioners and members of the public in order to combat antimicrobial resistance.The week of activities includes an Agriculture Day on November 16 at the Juici Patties Veranda, Clarendon Park; and a breakfast event at the Marriot Hotel in New Kingston and a Medical Symposium at the UWI’s Faculty of Medical Science on November 17.The symposium will be addressed by Dr. Arjun Srinivasan from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who will present on the multidrug-resistant gonorrhoea disease.Antibiotic Awareness Week is organised by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries; Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO); the University of the West Indies and the National Health Fund (NHF).The launch included a forum featuring presentations by representatives from the UWI Microbiology Department and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries on the causes, spread and measures to prevent antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic Awareness Week is being observed from November 13 to 19 under the theme ‘Seek Advice from a qualified professional before taking antibiotics’. last_img read more

OPP rescue child locked in hot car in Temiskaming Shores Ont woman

first_imgTEMISKAMING SHORES, Ont. – Ontario provincial police say a woman has been charged after officers rescued a child locked in a hot car.Police say they received a call Wednesday afternoon reporting a small child locked in a vehicle in Temiskaming Shores, Ont.When officers arrived, they were told the child had been in the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes.The officers broke a window and rescued the child from what they described as “extreme heat.”The child was taken to hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.A 20-year-old woman is charged with failing to provide the necessaries of life and is to appear in court in Haileybury, Ont., on July 24.last_img read more