Proxies and measurement techniques for mineral dust in Antarctic ice cores

first_imgTo improve quantitative interpretation of ice core aeolian dust records, a systematic methodological comparison was made. This involved methods for water-insoluble particle counting (Coulter counter and laser-sensing particle detector), soluble ion analysis (ion chromatography and continuous flow analysis), elemental analysis (inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy at pH 1 and after full acid digestion), and water insoluble elemental analysis (proton induced X-ray emission). Antarctic ice core samples covering the last deglaciation from the EPICA Dome C (EDC) and the EPICA Dronning Maud Land (EDML) cores were used. All methods correlate very well among each other, but the ratios of glacial age to Holocene concentrations, which are typically a factor similar to 100, differ between the methods by up to a factor of 2 with insoluble particles showing the largest variability. The recovery of ICP-MS measurements depends on the digestion method and is different for different elements and during different climatic periods. EDC and EDML samples have similar dust composition, which suggests a common dust source or a common mixture of sources for the two sites. The analyzed samples further reveal a change of dust composition during the last deglaciation.last_img read more

HazoHouse Now Open Seven Days a Week

first_imgSubmitted by Thurston County County residents and businesses can bring hazardous waste to Hawks Prairie facility daily from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.HazoHouse is now open daily from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. The hazardous waste collection site, located at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center in Lacey, collects unused and unwanted household and business-generated hazardous waste. This service is free to Thurston County residents, and businesses pay a small fee to safely dispose of hazardous chemicals, cleaners, and other waste that can harm the environment if not handled properly.“I’m really pleased to see this expansion of the HazoHouse service to seven days a week,” said Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero, who also chairs the county’s Board of Health. “Daily collection not only helps protect the health of our environment, it also helps protect the health of our waste collection workers. This is just one more step Thurston County is taking to keep our drinking water and our environment safe and clean.”Chemical products like household cleaners, bug and weed killers, auto care products, fluorescent bulbs, and oil-based paints and stains can be harmful to human health, wildlife, and our environment when not handled and disposed of properly. The goal of offering HazoHouse services seven days a week is to make it even more convenient for county residents and businesses to dispose of their household hazardous waste the right way, and avoid pollution from illegal dumping.“We’ve seen an increase in the number of residential customers at HazoHouse each year since 2012,” said Scott Schimelfenig, Manager of Thurston County Solid Waste, “It’s great to see that more people are bringing their household hazardous waste to HazoHouse and disposing of it the right way. We’re happy to offer expanded hours to meet the growing need for safe and convenient disposal of hazardous waste.”HazoHouse is located at Thurston County’s Waste and Recovery Center at 2420 Hogum Bay Road NE in Lacey. To get to HazoHouse, use the entrance to the right of the main entrance. When you bring your items to HazoHouse, please stay in your car and wait for attendants to assist you. HazoHouse is an easy and free option for county residents to safely dispose of hazardous household products. Go to for a complete list of items accepted at HazoHouse. Facebook30Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Is This Primate a Prime Mate?

first_img(Visited 133 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Those who remember the flap over Ida (Darwinius masillae, 3/20/10) have learned to yawn at these pronouncements.  The little fossil should be enjoyed for its own sake, not for what evolutionary narrative Darwinians can force it into. That all the features of a primate could be microminiaturized into this one-ounce critter is the amazing thing.  The interpretation is dumb.Faces of the future, or hypnotized Darwin subjects?   Image by Nikolay LammStorytelling; that’s the game for Darwinists.  Look what Parmy Olson did with the craft on Forbes: projected how humans will look in 100,000 years, after millennia of staring at screens or wearing Google glass.  Why, they’re evolving back the bulging eyes of their ancestors, the tarsiers!  Doesn’t this sound scientific when a computational geneticist did the prognosticating?  No; it’s just plain silly.  And he won’t be around then for us to say, “You were wrong!”  It’s just as wrong for these monkey-makers to tell us the new fossil is a human ancestor.  Time travel backwards is just as unavailable as it is forwards.  The claims can’t be tested; they can’t be falsified; they are not science. The news media jumped onto claims that a tiny primate fossil is an ancestor of human beings, when it is really an amazing example of biological miniaturization.A tiny fossil primate from China, classified as Archicebus achilles, was announced with fanfare by most of the science news media (e.g., Northern Illinois Univ. press release).  It looks like a tiny shrew or tarsier that probably lived in the trees.  It probably weighed less than an ounce.  What makes it noteworthy such that reporters would call it a human ancestor?  For one, it’s the alleged oldest primate fossil.  For another, it has a mosaic of features (small eyes, odd feet, etc.) that led K. Christopher Beard (Carnegie Museum) to say,It looks like an odd hybrid with the feet of a small monkey, the arms, legs and teeth of a very primitive primate, and a primitive skull bearing surprisingly small eyes. It will force us to rewrite how the anthropoid lineage evolved.After commenting on its tarsier-like toes but monkey-like heel, Beard said that some interpretation is required:“We have interpreted this new combination of features as evidence that this fossil is quite primitive and its unique anatomical combination is a link between the tarsier and monkey-ape branches of dry-nosed primates,” he said. “This new view suggests that the advanced foot features of anthropoids (monkeys and apes) are in fact primitive for the entire lineage of dry-nosed primates.The press release avoided mention of this tiny creature as an ancestor of human beings.  Other reporters were not so restrained, even though the original paper in Nature did not mention human evolution at all:Science Daily: Discovery of Oldest Primate Skeleton, Ancestor of Humans and ApesAmerican Museum of Natural History: Discovery of Oldest Primate Skeleton Helps Chart Early Evolution of Humans, ApesCarnegie Museum of Natural History: “crucial for illuminating a pivotal event in primate and human evolution“Live Science: Ancient Primate Skeleton Hints at Monkey and Human OriginsOne problem is that this creature lived in Asia, not Africa, where most ape evolution is thought to have occurred.  On Evolution News & Views, Casey Luskin pointed out that this would require ape ancestors to go a-rafting across the ocean to get to Africa, which is believed to have been an island back then.  According to Science Now, Beard said he was ridiculed when he suggested primates might have evolved in Asia.  “Everybody knew that everything in primate and human evolution occurred in Africa,” he said.  Like many of the feathered dinosaur fossils (5/31/13), this one was found by a farmer.  Science Now downplayed the link to humans: “Although several experts—including Beard himself—expect debate about the precise position of A. achilles on the primate family tree, they all agree that it is a remarkable specimen.”Meanwhile, National Geographic jumped for joy at the thought that some humans have bendable soles like apes.  New Scientist claimed that 1 in 13 people have “bendy, chimp-like feet.”  Other than making the textbooks wrong, it’s not clear what this has to do with evolution (humans and chimps also have bendy mouths, tongues, and fingers).  It’s possible the trait in humans is a disadvantage, making walking less efficient, in those people so afflicted.last_img read more

New Growth Path ‘vital for economy’

first_img29 May 2012 The New Growth Path is an important instrument to promote employment and growth in the economy, the African National Congress (ANC) and Business Unity South Africa (Busa) said on Monday evening.“Both the New Growth Path and the National Development Plan were important building blocks to the achievement of a shared vision for South Africa,” the two organisations said in a joint statement.A delegation from the ANC and Busa met in Johannesburg on Monday.The ANC delegation was led by President Jacob Zuma. He was joined by party chairwoman Baleka Mbete, secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and deputy secretary-general Thandi Modise.The Busa delegation included president Futhi Mtoba, vice-presidents Brenda Madumise and Michael Spicer, and deputy CEO Raymond Parsons.The main focus of the meeting was what could be done to ensure that the planned presidential infrastructure summit, to be held in July, was a success.“It was agreed that large-scale infrastructural development now needed to be urgently implemented, not only from an internal economic point of view, but also given the deteriorating global outlook,” they said.The organisations also agreed that the participation of the private sector and co-operation with the government was essential for the summit’s success.Sapalast_img read more

WEF on Africa 2016: Digital technology in schools

first_imgWhat problems can be solved by the use of digital technology in schools? This was one of the questions discussed at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali. Speakers from across the world gave their insights into how digital technology could improve learning inside and outside classrooms. Rapelang Rabana, founder of ReKindle Learning, spoke at the session “What if: all education were digital” at the 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Rwanda from 11 to 13 May. (Image: World Economic Forum on Africa)• South Africans nominated for Innovation Prize for Africa• Busting the myth that Africa doesn’t produce scientific innovators• How can digital technology boost growth in Africa?• Girls in space! Africa’s first private satellite – designed by schoolgirls• Makoko Floating School: a model of Nigerian cutting edge designMedia Club South Africa reporterTechnology should be used to add value to the teaching process in the classroom, according to Rapelang Rabana, founder of ReKindle Learning. She was speaking during the debate “What if: all education were digital” at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, Rwanda from 11 and 13 May.Other speakers on the panel were Fred Swaniker of the African Leadership Academy; Aryn Baker of Time magazine; Colin McElwee of Worldreader, which provides e-books to low-income countries; Rwanda’s minister of youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana; and entrepreneur Temitope Ola of Koemei.Can technology replace teachers?Regarding the question of whether technology could replace teachers or the traditional way of teaching, Rabana said it was not correct to think about ousting teachers. “If you were looking at a different industry, you would ask where the biggest challenges were and then try to find the technologies to solve those problems,” she said.“We should look at what activities can benefit from technologies more,” she added. “When I say learning activities, for example, I am referring to things like discovery, research, and finding things to prepare for class. Digital tools can be affective for that.”It should also be explored as a tool to facilitate group and peer interactions, as well as debates. “We still have to make sure that we adequately learn from our peers,” Rabana said.Having digital technology in a classroom should free up the resources of teachers to do things that were more “high-touch or more complex”.Connecting people to the internetThere were different stages of solutions to give people access to the internet, Rabana said. “We often bring internet access to a central place like a school or a place of work (where people can download what they need).“They don’t need internet access at home then. You still provide an effective place offline.”Swaniker said he would like to see an internet portal like Airbnb to be developed, but for education. Airbnb connects people all over the world; is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging anywhere on Earth.“You can have these big buildings that have things like internet access and electricity,” Swaniker explained. “There is no-one there in the evenings and on the weekends. Imagine if we created those centres where young people can come and they can all get the access to the world’s education and learning resources online.”These centres would have facilitators to help the youth.Ola said his organisation had found that people could use mobile messaging applications such as Facebook and WeChat to build education applications on these platforms. “It’s free and we can enhance access with that.“My concern is always, how do we use what we have now to solve the problems we have now.”The importance of digital technology in educationIf schools had access to the internet, they should leverage digital technology as much as possible, Swaniker said. “It allows us to do things we weren’t able to do in the past. In the olden days students would go through every month and not know how they were doing until the end of exams.“But today you can track how someone is doing, enabling us to identify those students who are struggling and those who are bored, and those who are able to work at their own pace.”Access to the internet allowed Africans to overcome the massive challenges on the continent, he added. Challenges mentioned by the panel were poverty and lack of good teachers.Worldreader had evidence that girls took more advantage of its programme than boys, McElwee said. Girls used mobile phones five to six times more often and for longer periods at a time to access education than boys, he said. “It’s not about what you and I think of education but what do they (those girls living in poverty) think.”Many girls in impoverished communities risked their and their families’ lives on daily because they went to school. “I know people on this continent indeed recognise the importance of education. For many that education is the only path out of poverty.”Watch more on the discussion here:last_img read more

Bling Online 4pc Fabric Covered Headbands Alice Bands : Great value for money

first_img Nice bands for your own projects. . My daughter used this hair bands to make kitty ears bands. Nice for turning into something new and innovative using these bands. Nice little set of headbands and inexpensive, delivered very quickly, good for the messy hair mornings, fit adult women. Very lightweight and comfortable. Will fit a small adult head. I wanted to use a headband whilst growing out a pixie cut. Needes something subtle, not cutesy. They are covered in a ribbed fabric, therefore have no spikes to hold hair (which i don’t need). Can’t imagine they would hold very thick, long hair in place though. I love making hair bows and bands for my 3girls,these look great plain or with felt flowers and buttons on them. I’ve orderd 1 of each colour and am now going to order 2 more in each colour because i liked them so much and they make great gift. Great headbands and great price. Excellent hairbands, not too tight, so do not dig in behind the ear, colours are good, well impressed. Arrived quickly and we’ll packed, would buy from here again. Nice quality and they turned up quickly. These were bought for my daughters birthday party, so they can decorate with jewels. Nice quality and they turned up quickly. I ordered them for my 4 years old daughter. She wears everyday different colour. Usual cheap construction internally but this is hidden by the pleasant fabric wrap. Fabric covered headbands lose their grip really easily and are prone to slipping off. The build quality is acceptable- feels like a piece of cheap plastic covered in fabric. Definitely look for something else should you require something for hair that is quite thick and heavy. After a couple of uses, the headbands started slipping. However, if you’re looking for something just to hold your hair up this could work for you. Fantastic headbands for the price. I bought the school colours and will now order the other 2 sets and throw away my plastic ones. The headbands arrived promptly and are exactly as described. The quality seems decent and they’ll be perfect for the event that i need them for. Thought they might have been small but fit my head ( and various other family members i coaxed into trying for size) no teeth to dig into your head which is a bonus. Well presented in packaging. Are extremely at ease mainly because they are not to tide as other people they have used right before. The colors variety are very good.Wonderful headband which i have requested quite a few periods just before employed. Good headband which i have ordered several moments in advance of utilised to place personalized bows on, these are fabric covered which i come across remain in far better than satin kinds. Shipping was quick will carry on to buy these, also ordered from exact same supplier in diverse colours.Each band is well made and cozy to put on. Incredibly fantastic option of colours which accommodate not only school variants but also in vogue with the trend colors at the minute.Particularly as described marginally as well large for. Marginally much too massive for my lg’s head but she’s only a toddler anyway.Yeah there headbands do what they are intended to. I like them as i introduced them to make rather headbands for my daughter. They are terrific fabric and incredibly adaptable which is good as she likes to perform with them.Just what i was on the lookout for to resolve on to two quite low-priced fascinators. Fascinators by themselves attractive but the headband on the a person was way too small and the other didn’t have one particular at all. They are the suitable dimension for me and the colors are a incredibly excellent match to what i required. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones i’ve purchased in store. I’m a male with longer hair, and i’m fairly rough with these bands. Fast delivery order seen to promptly. To my family and friends head bands are great quality thank you. Cute little headbands, nice and comfy for my little girl to wear them and not bother her with being too tight. Don’t dig into the sides if my head like a lot of other hairbands do.Can also hold my naturally curly hair in place. Nice vibrant color Hairbrands!!Fab fabric alice bandsNice headband which I have ordered several times before used great price, great delivery.Great value for moneyWorks perfectly. They’re surprisingly more durable than the ones Bling Online 4pc Fabric Covered Headbands Alice Bands. (School Colours)Value pack of girls alice bandsSet of 4 plastic headbandsWoven fabric coveringClassic colours in black, navy, red and whiteHair bands measure 0.75cm acrosslast_img read more

New Year’s Resolution? VCs Could Spend More In 2010

first_imgThe first quarter of 2010 could see a higher number of investments by venture capital firms than the fourth quarter of 2009, according to figures from new reports by the National Venture Capital Association and information and data services company ChubbyBrain.Data from a report relased by the NVCA yesterday shows that the fourth quarter of 2009 saw a growth of $1.7 billion in venture funds over the previous quarter, similar to numbers seen from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009. Data released today by ChubbyBrain shows that following the earlier growth in venture funds, Q2 2009 saw a $1.4 billion increase in VC investments, a trend that could mean big bucks for startups in the first quarter of 2010. As we reported last week, 2009 was a difficult year for startups and venture capital firms, with venture-backed mergers and acquisitions continuing a downward trend in 2009. Carolynn Duncan, founder and director of the startup incubator Portland Ten, says that the “pressure crunch” of 2009 caused VCs to give prospective startups more than the third degree.“It was more like the fifth degree,” Duncan told ReadWriteWeb. “It was so intense, even for the companies showing great traction and that had bootstrapped the hell out of their project.”Duncan believes that as the new year kicks off, VCs that raised funds at the end of 2009 will be looking at a new class of startups to invest in. When asked if 2010 would be an easier year to find funding, Duncan was hesitant, but optimistic.“I don’t think ‘easier’ is the right word, maybe just not as demanding,” she said. “People are just glad its 2010 and not 2009 anymore.”Photo by Flickr user borman818. Tags:#start#startups chris cameron A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts last_img read more

10 months agoEverton plan bids for Bournemouth striker Wilson, Batshuayi

first_imgEverton plan bids for Bournemouth striker Wilson, Batshuayiby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveEverton are aiming for a busy January market.The Daily Express says manager Marco Silva has been forced to utilise Richarlison up front, with Cenk Tosun and Oumar Niasse not trusted to lead the line.And director of football Marcel Brands wants to secure another goal-getter’s signature in the new year.Callum Wilson has been lined up after impressing at Bournemouth.While Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi is on Everton’s radar too with his loan spell at Valencia potentially set to be cancelled. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

The 2015 ACC-Big Ten Challenge Matchups, Ranked

first_imgacc big ten challenge logo.Twitter/@TheBuckeyeNut Twitter/@TheBuckeyeNutTwitter/@TheBuckeyeNutThe 14 matchups of this year’s ACC-Big Ten Challenge were released today, and as expected, there are plenty of good, and a number of ugly games ahead of us this winter. We get an old conference rivalry revival between perhaps the two preseason favorites in the two leagues, UNC and Maryland, an Elite Eight rematch between Louisville and Michigan State, and a blue blood showdown between Duke and Indiana. There’s also Virginia Tech vs. Northwestern, which probably won’t have neutral fans quite as excited. In all, every team from the two leagues, save for Georgia Tech, is involved, and these games always bring a lot of intrigue. Here is our ranking of the entire challenge:14. Boston College vs. Penn State: Twitter/@PennStateMBBTwitter/@PennStateMBBJim Christian’s first year at Boston College (13-19, 4-14) wasn’t great by any standard, and things may not get any better in 2015-16. Olivier Hanlan, one of the team’s lone bright spots, is off to the NBA Draft. It seems unlikely that the Eagles make any significant noise in the coming year. They will host Penn State in this year’s ACC-Big Ten Challenge, making for a pretty uninspiring matchup. Like BC, Penn State loses its one bonafide star—D.J. Newbill—from last year’s team. Perhaps these two young teams can find more balance offensively and improve without their prodigious scorers, but we wouldn’t bet on it right now. This will be BC and Penn State’s third ACC-Big Ten Challenge showdown since 2011. The two programs split the first two of those matchups. If this game is as good as the 2014 Pinstripe Bowl between the two schools’ football programs, we’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.13. Rutgers vs. Wake Forest: Twitter/@TieDyeNationTwitter/@TieDyeNationRebuilding jobs in young coaching tenures is a common theme in the low-ranked games on our list, and that is definitely the case for Rutgers vs. Wake Forest. The Scarlet Knights knocked off national semifinalist Wisconsin on January 11, and proceeded to lose out the rest of the season, to finish a lowly 2-16 in conference and 10-22 overall. To compound matters, two of the team’s best players, Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack, are gone, leaving Eddie Jordan with a very lean roster in year three of his Rutgers tenure. Wake Forest is not an overly-talented team, but they were much more competitive in the ACC than Rutgers was in the Big Ten. They might not be a tournament team yet, but they will probably handle Rutgers in an uninspiring game at The RAC.12. Virginia Tech vs. Northwestern: Twitter/@PeteMorisTwitter/@PeteMorisThere’s a chance that this game is more fun than we’re giving it credit for by the time these two meet on the court, but for now, we have to keep the Hokies and Wildcats fairly low. Virginia Tech has been totally rebuilt under Buzz Williams, with a number of freshman receiving a lot of playing time in 2014-15, and a Top 30 recruiting class coming in, there is some hope for the hoops team in Blacksburg. Unfortunately for the Hokies, like BC and PSU, Tech is losing its top player Adam Smith to transfer, which won’t help matters in the near future. Northwestern is also playing better basketball under Chris Collins than it has in the past. Seven footer Alex Olah had a solid 2014-15, and should continue to improve, and Northwestern will be pairing him with four-star recruit Aaron Falzon in the frontcourt. We have to see more before we move a Hokies-Wildcats game up, but there is potential here.11. Minnesota vs. Clemson: Twitter/@ClemsonMBBTwitter/@ClemsonMBBThe Gophers and Tigers are far from the worst that their respective conferences have to offer, but this is a pretty boring match-up to be honest. Minnesota looked ready to turn a corner after winning the 2014 NIT, but instead slipped to a 6-12 Big Ten finish and 18-15 overall record. Clemson was a very solid defensive squad, but after losing K.J. McDaniels from the year before, the Tigers’ offense went in the tank. Jaron Blossomgame is an intriguing player, and Clemson had a few young guys like Donte Grantham step up last season, but we don’t envision them being an overly interesting team in 2015-16 as currently constructed.10. Nebraska vs. Miami: Twitter/@CanesWarningFSTwitter/@CanesWarningFSWe’re big fans of the jobs that both Jim Larranaga and Tim Miles have done at two schools that are traditionally football-focused, but we’re not sure that this game will be as good as it would have been a few seasons ago. Nebraska followed up a very promising NCAA Tournament season in 2013-14 with a disappointing one this past year, and now the Huskers lose top player Terran Petteway to the NBA. Miami, on the other hand, brings back a number of its best players, including guards Rodriguez and Sheldon McClellan, and rim protector Tonye Jekiri. Miami should be a factor in the ACC this year, but it is yet to be seen if Nebraska will bounce back to where it was two years ago.9. Pittsburgh vs. Purdue: Twitter/@HailToPittHoopsTwitter/@HailToPittHoopsAfter losing early season games to teams like North Florida and Gardner Webb, all Purdue did was go 12-6 in a tough Big Ten to land itself in the NCAA Tournament. After a few down seasons following the very good Robbie Hummell, E’Twaun Moore teams, Matt Painter’s Boilermakers seem like they’ve shaken off the rust, and could be very good in 2014-15. A.J. Hammons and Isaac Haas give Purdue a very strong frontcourt, which could still be further bolstered with a commitment from blue chip forward Caleb Swanigan, who recently decommitted from Michigan State. Pitt, which has one of the nation’s top programs in the 2000s, has been a fairly average club so far in the ACC. James Artis, James Robinson, and Michael Young are nice players, but this Purdue game could be a good indicator for whether or not Pitt will establish itself in the top half of the ACC in 2015-16.8. Iowa vs. Florida State: Twitter/@Seminoles_comTwitter/@Seminoles_comThis is the first match-up that should feature two NCAA Tournament contenders. Florida State has one of the biggest frontcourts you’ll see, with juniors Boris Bojanovsky and Michael Ojo returning, along with the arrival of Jean Marc Christ Koumadjie, the Monteverde Academy center who is listed by some at 7-foot-5. FSU also brings back star guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes, who made headlines last season when he dropped an unthinkable 30 points in the final 4:38 against Miami. Iowa is a pretty solid team as well, returning four starters from an NCAA Tournament team that blew out a solid Davidson squad in the 7 vs. 10 game before losing to Gonzaga. This may not be the sexiest matchup, at least by name, but these are two solid teams that should make for a good game.Next: The Top 7 ACC-Big Ten Matchups >>>Pages: Page 1 Page 2last_img read more

Texas Coach Vance Bedford Goes On Rant About Tradition When Asked About Alternate Uniforms

first_imgThe Texas Longhorns football team running onto the field.STILLWATER, OK – OCTOBER 29: The Texas Longhorns run onto the field before a game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys October 29, 2005 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)Last weekend against Kansas, Texas honored safety Freddie Steinmark, subject of the upcoming film My All-American, by wearing 1969 throwback uniforms.Texas wearing throwback uniforms as tribute to Freddie Steinmark. (via @Uniformswag)— ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) November 8, 2015Texas is a program with a classic look that rarely veers from what works, but most were probably okay with these clean-looking throwbacks. When asked about other alternate uniforms that some teams go to, defensive coordinator Vance Bedford went on a long rant about traditional powers in college football, that many fans who don’t like wild uniforms will appreciate.Asked Texas DC Vance Bedford about alternate unis today. His 600-word answer addressed a whole lot more.— Max Olson (@max_olson) November 11, 2015We don’t think Bedford will be looking for a job at Oregon any time soon.last_img read more