Health Officials: County Making Progress in Virus Fight, Despite Deaths, Cases

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We ask you to cover your mouth and nose to protect others, especially since you can be infected with COVID-19 and have no symptoms of illness.“… Even if you tested negative, that negative test result only tells you your status the day you were tested,” she said. “You could easily become infected the very next day and unknowingly pass COVID-19 onto others.”Ferrer’s comments came one day after Gov. Gavin Newsom mandated that Californians wear face coverings in virtually all settings outside the home. Los Angeles County has had a similar mandate in place since mid-May, while the city of Los Angeles requires masks at all times outside the home.Some opponents of mask requirements, particularly in Orange County, have loudly protested that they are an imposition on personal freedom, and incite fear among the populace, preventing people from visiting local businesses.But Ferrer stressed the urgency for people to wear the masks anytime they are associating with people outside their own households, saying it will prevent a reversal of downward trends in coronavirus spread. And she said it will ensure that businesses can remain open.The county on Friday reported another 38 deaths due to the coronavirus, lifting the county’s total to 3,063. The county also recorded another 1,414 confirmed cases of the virus, bringing the overall total to 79,609.While the numbers of deaths and cases continued to rise, Ferrer outlined statistics showing that key indicators of the virus’ spread — most notably the rate of deaths and hospitalizations — were trending in the right direction.She noted that the county’s seven-day average of deaths has been declining since mid-April, and said the average number of daily deaths has dropped from 45 or 46 in early May to between 20 and 30 now.Hospitalization rates also steadily declined and have plateaued, she said. She noted that there has been a slight increase in hospitalizations in the past few days, but that could be a result of hospitals testing everyone who comes into the facility, regardless of why they are there.Ferrer said county officials will be keeping close watch on the hospitalization numbers.But she also noted that the availability of hospital rooms and ICU beds is adequate to handle demand, and hospitals have sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.Ferrer said those indicators are all used when county officials decide whether to allow more businesses to open. The county’s health order was relaxed Friday morning, allowing businesses such as nail salons, tattoo parlors, bars, casinos and spas to reopen.“The most important data continues to be looking at our death data and our hospitalization data and our rate of positivity,” she said. “As I just showed you, all of the indicators really point to the fact that we are fairly stable, and that we in fact continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. … As we reopen, we need to be particularly careful to do everything we can, both individually and as businesses, to make sure our environments are as safe as possible. If we continue to do that, we’ll continue to have success on the re- openings.”The rate of people testing positive for the virus was 8% as of Friday, a number that has remained largely unchanged for weeks.Ferrer said if any of the key indicators begin rising, the county will have to consider whether to reimplement restrictions.“We cannot overwhelm the health system,” she said. 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Every playoff scenario for Cardinals, Brewers on the final Sunday of MLB’s regular season

first_imgThe National League Central race between the Cardinals and Brewers is going down to the last scheduled day of the 2019 MLB regular season. So is the race for the second NL wild-card spot.St. Louis (90-71) leads Milwaukee (89-72) by one game heading into the finale of the 162-game schedule. Both teams have already clinched playoff berths, so their primary concerns Sunday will be avoiding a one-game division tiebreaker on Monday and the wild-card game on Tuesday. St. Louis loses, Milwaukee winsThe teams finish tied in the division. They meet in a one-game playoff Monday in St. Louis to determine the Central champion. The loser heads to Washington for the wild-card game.The Central Division champion will advance to the NL Division Series vs. the Braves.Washington (92-69) clinched home field in the wild-card game Saturday by beating the Indians at home. The Nationals are back in the playoffs after a one-year absence. MORE: When does the MLB postseason begin?The Cardinals led the Central by 3 1/2 games after games of Sept. 23, but four consecutive losses, including two to the Cubs in their current weekend series, opened the door for the Brewers, who charged into contention after losing star outfielder Christian Yelich to a leg injury. Milwaukee, however, has lost its first two games against the Rockies after a 17-4 start to September.Here are all the ways the division and wild-card races could be settled (or not) when the teams take the field Sunday afternoon. Cardinals-Cubs will begin at 3:15 p.m. ET in St. Louis and Brewers-Rockies will start at 3:10 p.m. ET in Denver.Cardinals, Brewers playoff clinching scenariosSt. Louis wins on Sunday (regardless of what Milwaukee does)The Cardinals win the division and the Brewers head to Washington, D.C., to play the Nationals in the wild-card game on Tuesday. St. Louis loses, Milwaukee losesAgain, the Cardinals win the division and the Brewers play in Washington against the Nationals in the NL wild-card game. last_img read more

Where sports consultant says A’s will build their ballpark

first_imgBaseball’s most amazing story this season is playing out in the most reviled stadium in Major League Baseball, located at the 66th Avenue exit on Interstate 880 in Oakland.The A’s and their emerging young stars have opened eyes from coast to coast. Led by baseball’s most underrated manager, Bob Melvin, this team is rooted in resilience, with toughness, fearlessness and the grit that defines Oakland.The A’s have told their fans that Howard Terminal or the Coliseum will be selected as the site …last_img read more

The Brain You Use, and How It Uses You

first_imgNeuroscientists continue to find out amazing things about the human brain.  In some ways we are responsible to use our brains, but in other ways the brain does things to us.  If nobody has figured out where the dividing line is for thousands of years, it’s unlikely we will today; but the following findings can shed some light on the mystery.Sing for mental health.  Something about singing does a brain good.  The BBC News and National Geographic reported on work at Northwestern University that showed music helps prevent dyslexia in children and can even rewire a damaged brain.  That seems to indicate that if you did not choose to avail yourself of music therapy, the benefits would not occur.Remember to forget:  New studies on memory seem to suggest that forgetting is an active process.  Old memories don’t just fade away; they are actively erased to make room for new memories.  That’s the idea in an article on Live Science reporting on work in China and at Cold Spring Harbor Labs, New York.  The researchers feel this could lead to drugs that could help patients erase bad memories, like traumatic events.  Be sure not to overdose on it.  Who knows if the brain would come back after a reboot – think of having to take all that school again.Nap stir:  Speaking of a reboot, that mid-day nap might refresh your brain like a warm restart.  PhysOrg, Live Science and Science Daily all reported on findings at UC Berkeley that show naps clear the mind and boost the brain’s learning capacity.  Moms may appreciate the break when the baby takes its nap, but important things are happening in the tiny head in that interval.  Maybe Mom should take one, too.    Participants who took 90-minute naps in a controlled experiment scored markedly better on learning tests.  One researcher put it into familiar terms: “It’s as though the e-mail inbox in your hippocampus is full and, until you sleep and clear out those fact e-mails, you’re not going to receive any more mail.  It’s just going to bounce until you sleep and move it into another folder.”  So that’s why we forget what the teacher said.  Unfortunately, the teacher doesn’t get a “Returned to sender” message from the student.  The student should not try to argue to the teacher that his napping in class is a way to enhance his learning.The brain-computer analogy got another insight recently.  Researchers at the Institute for Technical Science in Graz are abandoning the single-file method of computing and building net-like processors.  Science Daily said this effort was inspired by studying how the brain is wired, with each neuron connecting to many other neurons.  “The scientists want to design a new generation of neuro-computers based on the principles of calculation and learning mechanisms found in the brain, and at the same time gain new knowledge about the brain’s learning mechanisms.”Science Daily looked to worms for the answer.  Whatever it was, it started early on.  Their headline stated, “Last Ancestor Humans Shared With Worms Had Sophisticated Brain, microRNAs Show.”That last article wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week for beginning, “The last ancestor we shared with worms, which roamed the seas around 600 million years ago, may already have had a sophisticated brain that released hormones into the blood and was connected to various sensory organs.”  The implication is that our brains evolved from worm brains.  But this relies on evolutionary assumptions and deep time, and doesn’t help Darwin anyway; it pushes the origin of these sophisticated mechanisms closer to the goo.    Back to reality. Who could not be fascinated by the brain?  We are aware of choosing to think and act, but there are also many processes that occur automatically in the background – re-organizing memories in sleep, re-wiring in response to music, entrainment of a new skill or idea by habit after focused concentration.  We sense that we are operating a very sophisticated computer.  We know how to use the GUI, but have no idea how the software and wiring works.  Evolutionists tend to be materialists and deny we have free will (e.g., 02/17/2010, bullet 1), but creationists typically believe we have responsibility for our choices and actions.  The debates will go on, but it’s hard to defend determinism, when you think about it.  See?(Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Is This Primate a Prime Mate?

first_img(Visited 133 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Those who remember the flap over Ida (Darwinius masillae, 3/20/10) have learned to yawn at these pronouncements.  The little fossil should be enjoyed for its own sake, not for what evolutionary narrative Darwinians can force it into. That all the features of a primate could be microminiaturized into this one-ounce critter is the amazing thing.  The interpretation is dumb.Faces of the future, or hypnotized Darwin subjects?   Image by Nikolay LammStorytelling; that’s the game for Darwinists.  Look what Parmy Olson did with the craft on Forbes: projected how humans will look in 100,000 years, after millennia of staring at screens or wearing Google glass.  Why, they’re evolving back the bulging eyes of their ancestors, the tarsiers!  Doesn’t this sound scientific when a computational geneticist did the prognosticating?  No; it’s just plain silly.  And he won’t be around then for us to say, “You were wrong!”  It’s just as wrong for these monkey-makers to tell us the new fossil is a human ancestor.  Time travel backwards is just as unavailable as it is forwards.  The claims can’t be tested; they can’t be falsified; they are not science. The news media jumped onto claims that a tiny primate fossil is an ancestor of human beings, when it is really an amazing example of biological miniaturization.A tiny fossil primate from China, classified as Archicebus achilles, was announced with fanfare by most of the science news media (e.g., Northern Illinois Univ. press release).  It looks like a tiny shrew or tarsier that probably lived in the trees.  It probably weighed less than an ounce.  What makes it noteworthy such that reporters would call it a human ancestor?  For one, it’s the alleged oldest primate fossil.  For another, it has a mosaic of features (small eyes, odd feet, etc.) that led K. Christopher Beard (Carnegie Museum) to say,It looks like an odd hybrid with the feet of a small monkey, the arms, legs and teeth of a very primitive primate, and a primitive skull bearing surprisingly small eyes. It will force us to rewrite how the anthropoid lineage evolved.After commenting on its tarsier-like toes but monkey-like heel, Beard said that some interpretation is required:“We have interpreted this new combination of features as evidence that this fossil is quite primitive and its unique anatomical combination is a link between the tarsier and monkey-ape branches of dry-nosed primates,” he said. “This new view suggests that the advanced foot features of anthropoids (monkeys and apes) are in fact primitive for the entire lineage of dry-nosed primates.The press release avoided mention of this tiny creature as an ancestor of human beings.  Other reporters were not so restrained, even though the original paper in Nature did not mention human evolution at all:Science Daily: Discovery of Oldest Primate Skeleton, Ancestor of Humans and ApesAmerican Museum of Natural History: Discovery of Oldest Primate Skeleton Helps Chart Early Evolution of Humans, ApesCarnegie Museum of Natural History: “crucial for illuminating a pivotal event in primate and human evolution“Live Science: Ancient Primate Skeleton Hints at Monkey and Human OriginsOne problem is that this creature lived in Asia, not Africa, where most ape evolution is thought to have occurred.  On Evolution News & Views, Casey Luskin pointed out that this would require ape ancestors to go a-rafting across the ocean to get to Africa, which is believed to have been an island back then.  According to Science Now, Beard said he was ridiculed when he suggested primates might have evolved in Asia.  “Everybody knew that everything in primate and human evolution occurred in Africa,” he said.  Like many of the feathered dinosaur fossils (5/31/13), this one was found by a farmer.  Science Now downplayed the link to humans: “Although several experts—including Beard himself—expect debate about the precise position of A. achilles on the primate family tree, they all agree that it is a remarkable specimen.”Meanwhile, National Geographic jumped for joy at the thought that some humans have bendable soles like apes.  New Scientist claimed that 1 in 13 people have “bendy, chimp-like feet.”  Other than making the textbooks wrong, it’s not clear what this has to do with evolution (humans and chimps also have bendy mouths, tongues, and fingers).  It’s possible the trait in humans is a disadvantage, making walking less efficient, in those people so afflicted.last_img read more

Bling Online 4pc Fabric Covered Headbands Alice Bands : Great value for money

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On Success and Social Selling with Jill Rowley – Episode 12

first_imgPodcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:07 — 15.5MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSWhen it comes to making connections and getting attention in the marketing and sales arena, things are changing every day. New apps and social platform make it nearly impossible to keep up with all the opportunities to promote what you have to sell. Jill Rowley has been in the sales arena for a long time and her experience includes some of the first online ventures. She’s seen the way salespeople have become marketers and how the lines are being blurred. In this conversation she talks with Anthony about sales curiosity, helping prospects make changes to adapt to your solution, nurture sequences for prospects and customers, and how salespeople can stand out in the noisy social world. It’s a packed conversation you’re really going to enjoy.Using social to build meaningful relationships that fuel the sales funnel, on this episodeClick To TweetHow curiosity helps the prospecting and sales process.Jill Rowley is a naturally curious individual and with a background and education in business she’s become naturally curious about the way businesses work and turn a profit. On this episode of In The Arena you’re going to hear how her curiosity about businesses and their owners points her toward intelligent and revealing questions that fuel her prospecting and sales process. You’ll also get an earful of advice about how you can begin to think about the prospecting puzzle that will help you build trust based relationships rather than “sale based” pitches. You’re going to benefit greatly from this one.Are you helping your sales prospects make the changes needed to adopt your solution?Many sales professionals don’t recognize that in order for a prospect to take on your solution for their problem, they and their company are going to have to make some changes. Sometimes those are small changes and many times they are rather large. On this episode Jill Rowley shares how she goes about helping her prospects make the changes need to adopt her solutions and tells how that extra step has helped her close more and more sales and build long term relationships.I want to understand the company that will hopefully become my customer ~ Jill RowleyClick To TweetWhat goes into an effective nurture sequence for prospects or clients?Jill Rowley was on the forefront of developing nurture sequences when she worked in sales back in the early stages of the internet’s development. But she didn’t use emails and autoresponders. She used paper printouts of articles and brochures, hats and T-shirts, and postal mail. Nobody told her to do it, she intuitively knew that she needed to build the level of trust her prospects and customers felt toward her and wanted to be  useful to them in order to facilitate that process. If you’re a sales professional you’ve got to do the same thing. Find out how Jill advises you go about it, on this episode.How sales professionals can stand out in the noisy social media world.The saying, “Content is King” used to mean something, but now that the social media world has gotten to be so noisy, it’s no longer about content first – it’s about being noticed. It doesn’t matter if you create incredible content if nobody is able to see it through the noise and hustle of a busy social media feed. Jill Rowley has taken a different approach by using social media to find the individuals who need the solutions she has to offer and doing what she can to connect with them on more personal levels. With all genuineness she interacts, reshares, tweets, and makes conversation with them and their social circles. When the time comes for the pitch, she’s laid a foundation of familiarity that often translates into rapid trust. You can hear her story and how she manages her social media presence on this episode of In The Arena.If you know you have something of value a company needs, never give up ~ Jill RowleyClick To TweetOutline of this great episode Anthony’s introduction to this episode’s focus on the Social Tools and his guest Jill Rowley. Why Anthony believes Jill is successful in social because she was already successful. Why Jill was successful right away at The power of curiosity for a salesperson. Helping prospects make the changes needed to adopt your solution. How salespeople are expected to be more like marketers these days. Jill’s first experiences setting up nurture sequences and campaigns. How sales professionals can stand out in the noisy world of social. The direction technology is taking the sales process in the future.Resources & Links mentioned in this episode on LinkedInJill on Twitterwww.SalesForce.comThe theme song “Into the Arena” is written and produced by Chris Sernel. You can find it on SoundcloudConnect with AnthonyWebsite: www.TheSalesBlog.comYoutube: Plus: you can use to share this episodeThe power of curiosity in sales, on this episode of In The Arena with Jill RowleyClick To TweetEmail that comes to me without a personal note from a real person, is SPAM ~ Anthony IannarinoClick To TweetSubscribe toIn the ArenaApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsAndroidby EmailRSSOr subscribe with your favorite app by using the address belowlast_img read more

Uproar over I-T raids on Sebi members

first_imgOfficials of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) have confirmed that an inquiry was conducted about the Income-Tax (I-T) returns of whole-time members of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) but downplayed it by calling it “routine scrutiny”. These raids on C.B. Bhave, the recently retired Sebi chairman, and his team follow a pattern and indicate a threat to the independence of financial sector regulators. This kind of brazen vindictiveness by a ministry concerning serving and retired regulators was rare in the past. K.M. Abraham, a whole-time Sebi member wrote to the Prime Minister after the IT department inquiry about flats bought by him, alleging that he and another whole-time member M.S. Sahoo were harassed in the name of making inquiries. This complaint against the way the finance ministry attempts to throw its weight around comes in the backdrop of T Rowe Price, the largest shareholder of UTI Mutual Funds, alleging that the ministry was backing IAS officer Jitesh Khosla, who is the younger brother of Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee’s advisor Omita Paul.There were reports that the ministry was not happy with Sebi as the market regulator led by Bhave was not budging on several corporate issues, including the granting of equity licence to MCX-SX and manipulation of shares of the erstwhile Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd (since merged with Reliance Industries Ltd). Mail Today was the first to publish a report in the last week of March on the drastic changes in the higher echelons of Sebi that were likely to lead to a change of perception of the regulator on several critical issues. Between December 2010 and July 2011, there would be four fresh faces on the board of the market regulator. The other critical issues on which Sebi was not allowed to arrive at a decision before Bhave’s retirement include the Bimal Jalan Committee recommendations on market infrastructure institutions (MIIs) and the makeover of the Takeover Code based on the Achutan committee recommendations.advertisementFor more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

There is no taint on me, says N Srinivasan

first_imgBCCI President-in-exile N Srinivasan was on Thursday formally appointed the first Chairman of the ICC after its 52-member council approved a controversial revamp of the body’s administrative structure.Srinivasan was questioned on the Supreme Court probe and Gurunath Meiyappan in a press conference at Melbourne after his appointment as ICC chairman.Q. It’s well-known that you’ve been stood down as BCCI president by the Supreme Court for the duration of that investigation. Can you explain why you are an appropriate pick and proper person to run world cricket given your involvement in that investigation?Srinivasan: Actually the court did not ask me, I stepped aside voluntarily. I do not know if you have followed the reporting of that. The committee made a report which did not involve me, but they had given a sealed envelope in which they said there were some unsubstantiated, unverified allegations made by some people, which the court is looking into. I said I’ll voluntarily step aside during that period.Now, as far as I’m concerned, I have done nothing wrong. There is no wrongdoing on my part, and therefore my conscience is very clear that there is no taint on me, and whatever investigation is there will take its course will come out, reports will come out. But unless I have in my mind any doubt or if I have done anything, then what you say possibly is — then one has to think.  But for what I have not done, I have no concern. Q. When you say there is no taint on me, does that include your son-in-law?Srinivasan: My son-in-law, there are some charges against him.  He has to defend himself in court.  I mean, it’s a question of it’s going to be proved or not proved, but that’s up to him.  This is a question — this is a question about me. Q. But it reflects on you. It’s your team.Srinivasan: I think you have to wait until the final, until everything is clear at the end of the day.  If nothing is proved, I think all this comment would have been unfair, isn’t it.advertisementlast_img read more