Canadian industrial building boom looms

first_img Share via Shortlink CBRE projects that e-commerce sales in Canada will continue to climb. (Getty)Demand for warehouse space in Canada far outweighs supply, setting the stage for a boom in industrial construction.Canada needs another 40 million square feet of warehouse space over the next five years to keep up with demand after online sales rose 32 percent last year, according to CBRE figures reported by Bloomberg News.That’s more than three times the combined total of warehousing space in Canada’s three tightest industrial markets —Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.CBRE projects that e-commerce sales volume will climb steadily from $58.8 billion Canadian dollars to $92.7 billion by 2025.A similar phenomenon is taking place in the United States. The market for warehousing was already tight in many parts of the U.S. when the pandemic supercharged the growing demand from the e-commerce sector. Net absorption hit an all-time record in the fourth quarter, according to CBRE.Institutional investors poured tens of billions of dollars into the sector last year. Blackstone continued to pivot toward industrial from retail and hotels and now the sector accounts for 36 percent of the firm’s real estate equity value.Foreign investors are also getting in on the action, buying up industrial properties even as total foreign investment in the U.S. fell 31 percent last year.[Bloomberg News] — Dennis Lynch  canadaIndustrial Real Estate Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink Tagslast_img read more

ABS, Israel Shipyards team up on 3D model project

first_imgClassification society ABS and shipbuilder Israel Shipyards are collaborating on a pioneering 3D model project. View post tag: Israel Shipyards “The new 45-meter OPV is Israel Shipyards’ … design of a multi-mission platform, intended for a wide range of naval, homeland security, and civilian activities,” Shiran Purvin, Israel Shipyards Vice President of Engineering, said. “The design is based on ABS Rules and Regulations for High Speed Craft and incorporates an innovative approach for the Plan Approval of the 3D vessel model almost without the need for the traditional 2D ‘Class Drawings’. This approach saves engineering effort and is exercised successfully under the guidelines and assistance of ABS,” Purvin added. As explained, the project seeks to reduce the total number of 2D drawings and paper-based documentation for class review of the OPV design, and it replaces those documents with the original computer aided design (CAD) model. This streamlines the communication of the design intent from the shipyard to the class society, which reduces cost and waste and improves communication clarity and therefore review quality, according to ABS. Photo: ABS Share this article ABS is approving Israel Shipyards’ 3D models as part of plan review of its 45-meter multi-mission offshore patrol vessel (OPV). “Israel Shipyards is our latest partner where we have been able to demonstrate how ABS can support the design and class review process using 3D models. This exciting project is another building block in our development of an end-to-end paperless class process, which is seeing us work with leading shipbuilders all over the world to realize the benefits of digital class for the industry,” Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President of Global Engineering and Technology, said. View post tag: ABS “The design incorporates several key elements to enhance the platform’s performances, such as a slipway for a fast seven-meter RIB for interdiction and rescue missions, a large flush deck area with the capability of carrying multi-mission payloads, a spacious 360-degrees bridge and other features.” Photo: ABS View post tag: 3Dlast_img read more

The Folly and Shame of the Never Trumpers

first_imgThe Folly and Shame of the Never TrumpersBy Richard Moss MDDo we not grow weary of the sanctimonious ones? The Never Trumpers that endlessly hector and scold, and hold themselves up as paragons of moral virtue? They display their good taste by showing contempt for Trump and his supporters and accuse them of the most dastardly things. Some of them claim they will only vote down ballot, skipping the Presidential slot, or vote for Evan what’s his name (McMullin). Some will write in a candidate who will have no chance of winning. Other pious Republicans will even cast their vote for Hillary, the ultimate act of derision, conveying their moral seriousness, proper upbringing, and membership in certain elite circles.Although they call themselves conservatives, Never Trumpers are willing to undo the candidacy of the one man who stands in the way of a hard-core radical leftist ascending to the Presidency who will build on the destructive legacy of President Barack Obama. Indeed, the Democrat candidate is arguably the most corrupt individual to ever seek the office. Hillary Clinton is a candidate with a truly pathetic public record, a career politician who knowingly compromised our nation’s security, broke our laws, and sold her office. Yet the Never Trumpers persist in undermining the one candidate who can stop her, which can only make us wonder not about Trump – but about them. However boorish or flawed Trump may seem, whatever he may or may not have said or done as a private citizen 15-20 years ago, it is a pale echo of Hillary’s misdeeds in a long and miserable public record.As Secretary of State, Hillary sacrificed our consulate in Benghazi and knowingly lied about it, championed policies that helped create ISIS, and converted pro-Western Libya into an Islamic terrorist snake-pit. She backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Mohammed Morsi), nearly sabotaging a critical alliance while discrediting a courageous Muslim reformer (al-Sisi). Hillary and Obama squandered our blood and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan and have thrown both away to our enemies. They have surrendered the Middle East to Iran and its terrorist proxies, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, and undermined our Sunni allies and Israel. The two have paved the way to a nuclear-armed Iran. Hillary’s signature “reset” policy with Russia appeased Vladimir Putin, helped restart the Cold War, and led to the annexation of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. She has done nothing to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea or North Korean belligerence. She and Obama have courted hostile governments everywhere, in Iran, Turkey, and Cuba while criticizing long standing allies.She supported Obamacare, which is in free fall. She backed Obama’s economic policies that have doubled the national debt, increased income inequality, and led to the worst economic “recovery” since World War II. She lied repeatedly in her various cover-up efforts, tarnishing the FBI, and colluding with Director James Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the unethical Department of “Justice.” Like Obama, she is a consummate race-baiter and supported Black Lives Matter, the racist, anti-Semitic hate group that promotes cop killing. She and her husband have become filthy rich through sham speaking engagements, paid extortionate sums by questionable corporate and foreign interests seeking influence including Arab regimes that treat women as second-class citizens. Feminist icon that she is, she trashed the many women that came forward that her husband had sexually abused. She defended the rapist of a 12-year-old girl and laughed about it. Perhaps most tellingly, her greatest singular achievement, the reason she got to become a US Senator, Secretary of State, and possibly our next President, is that she happened to have married Bill Clinton. Some feminist.But apart from her pitiful political record thus far, what exactly is the Hillary agenda for the country should she win the Presidency that Never Trumpers seem willing to gloss over or even endorse?Hillary, to begin, will eviscerate the Bill of Rights beginning with the 1st Amendment including freedom of speech and religious liberty. Her Supreme Court picks will embrace the latest whims of social justice fascists that will label all opposing opinions as hate speech, thereby silencing dissent. The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) under Hillary will impose the “Fairness Doctrine” thereby crushing Talk Radio. Church based institutions will be forced to pay for abortions including partial birth abortions and abortifacients and preside over gay or transgender weddings. Her Supreme Court picks will abolish the 2nd Amendment by reversing prior decisions like Heller. She will begin an Australian style gun confiscation program and go after gun manufacturers through litigation making it impossible for them to stay in business. Due process (5th and 6th amendments) will become a distant memory with more Title IX based witch-hunts and kangaroo courts, for example, to “adjudicate” white males, accused of rape in our colleges.Hillary will embrace amnesty and open borders and will welcome 650 million Latin Americans, among many others, to come to America replete with work, welfare, healthcare, and citizenship. She will raise taxes 1.4 trillion. She will add new budget busting entitlements including free college and family leave. HillaryCare preceded the collapsing Obamacare, and so she will “save” it with a Soviet style single payer system. She will end voter photo ID, thereby increasing voter fraud as more and more our elections will be decided by those not entitled to vote. Hillary will continue to gut the military. She will fund sanctuary cities and import more Syrian Muslim refugees, many of whom are sympathetic to ISIS. She will grow the administrative state, the EPA, and the entire federal bureaucracy, with their industry crushing regulations and mandates.Hillary will continue Obama’s war on our police and criminal justice systems, smearing them as racist, creating upheaval in our cities with more violence, racial conflict and perhaps even a race war. We will see a breakdown of law and order, and the balkanization of the nation into competing racial and ethnic tribes.Through the courts and the bureaucracy she will impose her pagan Marxism on the country, the destruction of our historic traditions and values. In their place will come the latest social justice or radical feminist fads codified by the nine unelected lawyers in black robes that sit on the Supreme Court. New “minorities” will appear everywhere, each demanding special rights and protections from “racist” America, leading to a majority grievance-victim culture in which nearly everyone is a victim.She will build and expand on the Obama legacy of lawlessness, the growth of government, and the dismantling of our national culture and identity. She will throw open our borders to the third world and grant amnesty to those already here. Hillary will preside over the expansion of the administrative state and pack the courts with other like-minded leftists who possess the same disregard for federalism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that she has. She will continue the policies of Obama, replace the hated white majority, and transform the nation at every level, culturally, demographically, and politically.I wonder why Never Trumpers have a difficult time with this decision? Would the self-righteous Republicans prefer a destructive Hillary Presidency and the demise of the nation rather than support Trump? Many of us did not like Trump. We did not support his tactics, his recent conversion to conservatism, his lack of knowledge of the issues, yet now recognize that he is all we have left to thwart Hillary and her hard left agenda.Which candidate is more likely to damage the country? Who is more likely to undermine the Republic, the Constitution, and our free market economic system? Who will appoint radical leftists as judges, continue the wrecking and social engineering of our military, and declare war on freedom of speech, religious liberty, and our second amendment? Who will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and open the door to millions more, an influx that will overwhelm the nation and transform it into one big permanent blue state with millions of new welfare recipients and Democrat voters?The Holier than thou Never Trump crowd, so called conservatives, cannot abide supporting Trump, or even keep from insulting him and his many followers in the most vicious ways, are complicit in a possible Hillary presidency that will bring the nation to its knees. Although an imperfect candidate, Trump is the only one that can prevent a likely 16-year Obama-Clinton continuum that will alter the nation irreversibly. The moral and principled choice is to stop Clinton by embracing Trump. By failing to do so, Republican Never Trumpers betray the nation and the conservative movement they claim to be a part of, and place themselves alongside the vile left who actively seek to destroy the country.Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN. He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. Find more of his essays and blog posts at Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and InstagramFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


first_img× THE BIG PRIZE — Midtown Community School Principal Mrs. Christina Mercun and sixth grader Dylan Vieira pose for a photo with the giant bear he won. The bear is wearing a Midtown cape, because everyone at Midtown is a superhero!last_img

60-second sales pitch Julie Croker, managing director, Katermart

first_imgWhat’s new?A range of two, compact electric convection ovens – the KF620 and KF412 from Katermart – suitable for bakers, coffee shops and sandwich bars.What’s so special about it?Both ovens can be plugged into a 13A socket, so none of that three-phase special power requirement rubbish. Just plug & play! And both are small enough to sit comfortably on a standard worktop, so you don’t have to rearrange your shop layout.What’s the biggest benefit to bakers or caterers?You want more? OK then. The smaller oven (the KF412) is perfect for baking croissants, sandwiches, pizzas and other breakfast items, while the larger oven (the KF620) can warm up pizzas and croissants.So explain the techie stuff.The KF412 weighs in at 25kg and has a temperature range of between 50°C and 300°C, using fan circulated air. Supplied with two trays and two grills, it has four shelf positions, indirect humidification, a lateral hinged door, enamelled steel cooking compartment, and an interior light.The slightly larger, but still compact KF620 weighs in at 35kg. It too uses fan-circulated air, has an enamelled steel cooking compartment, interior light and four shelf positions. It also includes a 120-minute timer and four trays.Bottom line, will this save cash or make more money?Both! At just £599 for the KF412 and only £549 for the KF620 you’ll get all the credit without the crunch! Also, those little 13amp plugs will keep your energy usage to a minimum.For further information call Katermart on 0845 872 5000, or visit the company’s new web site at [].last_img read more

Family Football Day scores

first_imgWhat began nearly a decade ago has turned into an annual rite of fall for Cambridge residents.Under a brilliant blue sky on Oct. 9, Harvard hosted 700 residents for Cambridge Family Football Day. This was the largest turnout on record as Harvard’s neighbors enjoyed lunch at the stadium and later watched the Harvard Crimson beat Cornell, 31-17.Every year Harvard invites Cambridge and Allston-Brighton residents to Community Football Days to cheer the Crimson and feast on free fare. These two events are among the many sponsored by the University, which encourages and welcomes Harvard’s neighbors to campus year-round.“The record number of Cambridge residents who turned out to watch the Crimson game this weekend points to the strong connection between Harvard and the Cambridge community,” said Mary Power, chief of community relations and executive director of community initiatives at Harvard. “We look forward to seeing even more neighbors — young and old alike — at the Community Football Days next year.”Family Football Days are coordinated by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications.To read about Allston-Brighton Family Football Day.last_img read more

Study identifies enzyme that protects cells from toxic fat

first_imgA new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Howard Hughes Medical Institute sheds light on how a key fat-producing enzyme helps protect cells from a toxic form of fat.The new finding contributes to a fuller understanding of the fundamental biology that underlies common metabolic diseases related to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and heart failure, and could lead to new insights on how to better treat such diseases.The study was published online Aug. 1, 2017 in Cell Metabolism.“We are excited about these findings—they solve a mystery and show how fat synthesis protects cells from dysfunction and disease,” said Robert Farese Jr., professor of genetics and complex diseases at Harvard Chan School.Lead author of the study was Harvard Chan research fellow Chandramohan Chitraju.The researchers looked at what happens to triglycerides (a type of fat) in cells during lipolysis, the process through which the triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids and transported for energy use to other tissues in the body. For decades, scientists have wondered why some triglycerides, after being broken down into fatty acids, wind up back in the cells in the form of triglycerides—a process known as “re-esterification.”By examining cell processes both in mice and in human cells, the researchers found out why: Re-esterification helps protect a key cell organelle called the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The ER helps make cellular products such as proteins and lipids and it can be damaged by fatty acids—but not by triglycerides. The researchers also found that an enzyme called DGAT1 [diacylglycerol acyltransferase] is crucial to the re-esterification process, acting as a sort of cell police officer to ensure that toxic fatty acids stay away from the ER.“To better understand what happens when cells are overwhelmed with fat during obesity, we first have to understand how the system normally deals with fluctuations in lipids,” said Tobias Walther, professor of genetics and complex diseases at Harvard Chan and co-senior author of the study. “Our findings will hopefully spark new ideas on how to prevent the health consequences of obesity.” Read Full Storylast_img read more

A link across campus

first_imgSay you teach Slavic languages and literatures, write about literature and political power, and are a devotee of roots music and French New Wave films.When you log into the new Harvard Link, an online app developed by the research arm of the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL), it will create a personalized dashboard for you, secured by HarvardKey, that will recommend news stories about your academic or geopolitical interests; events like concerts, screenings or lectures; and suggestions on which faculty, staff, centers, initiatives, programs, and organizations work in fields related to yours so you can find out more about what they’re working on — and possibly even whether they would be interested in a collaboration.The best part? The application does much of this on its own.Harvard Link funnels publicly available University-related information about the campus, faculty, and staff into a centralized database. It creates suggestions based on a user’s personal, professional, and research interests, which the system automatically collects and individuals can update.The system also tells faculty members what courses their students are taking before, during, and after enrolling in their class. They can learn who teaches those classes and download syllabi. This is meant to provide professors with a clearer understanding of their students’ academic interests and encourage faculty to connect with colleagues with whom they share students. Link also lets faculty know about other courses at the University that may be related to their own subject.“Link tries to reduce the costs individuals can face when trying to tap into this treasure trove of information and opportunity,” said Dustin Tingley, a professor of government and deputy vice provost for advances in learning.The database, updated daily, sits on more than 46,000 data points VPAL collected from across the University and other channels, including public faculty websites, course and enrollment data from my.harvard, syllabi from Harvard Canvas, calendars across Schools and organizations, and stories and news feeds from the Harvard Gazette and Harvard Schools.The information is searchable, and users can apply filters to narrow results, allowing them to find potential collaborators outside of their department or at a specific school. It will also serve as one of the best ways to find experts at Harvard through keyword searches across news, events, people, and organizations.“One reason people are so excited about this is because we’re creating something innovative and useful based on existing Harvard systems,” said Zachary Wang, manager for resources adoption and impact at the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching. “By using text analytics to create personalized suggestions, we’re using that infrastructure to take the next step toward One Harvard.”Powering Link’s recommendation matrix is the professional interests and keywords users have listed in their profiles. That information is matched with other user profiles and the rest of the data the system has on tap.If users want the ease of having the system create these for them, they can upload a link to their professional website so Link can analyze it using its natural-language processing system, a technology that helps computers understand human language. For faculty members, this has already been done, including any on OpenScholar. Those who don’t have a website or who want to improve the quality of Link’s suggestions can input keywords associated with their interests.Along with the dashboards, Harvard Link contains weblinks to campus resources and those specific to the user’s School, department, or office. Users can add custom links as needed.Wang said there are plans to add more features to the site, including a pipeline for research funding opportunities.VPAL was established in 2013 to oversee initiatives such as HarvardX, the University’s online learning platform. For Harvard Link, it collaborated with Harvard University Information Technology, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and the Office of Faculty Development & Diversity.In its current version, Harvard Link is available only to faculty and staff. VPAL hopes to make it available to students in the future.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s students dialogue about propoganda, hate speech in Chicago

first_imgLast weekend, 10 Saint Mary’s students attended the What You Do Matters (WYDM) Summit at the Field Museum in Chicago.Students from Chicago area universities and Saint Mary’s engaged in dialogue about the Holocaust, propaganda and hate speech, while inspiring students to recognize the way contemporary society is still dealing with the aftermath, first-year Molly Franklin said.Franklin said based on her application for the summit organizers contacted her prior to the conference about speaking on a student panel Saturday, the first day of the conference.Her youngest brother was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, and Franklin said she began her advocacy for the special needs community when she was in middle school.“I imagined a situation where someone would say [‘retarded’] to my brother, and he would understand it and be hurt by it,” Franklin said.When Franklin applied for the WYDM Summit she had not expected to be contacted to speak, but it was because of that request she said she learned how important her work for the special needs community is.“I never really thought about what I was doing as work,” Franklin said. “But I realize that there are whole communities dealing with hate speech.”Franklin said she spoke on a panel of three other students who had faced and worked for varying causes on their campuses including LGBTQ issues and Holocaust denial.The WYDM Summit covered a variety of issues and propelled students to thinking about what action needs to be taken on their own campuses with a closing session creating action plans, she said.Franklin said she learned about the issue of contemporary propaganda and how to engage in effective dialogue. During the conference, dialogue was defined as a process of genuine interaction through which human beings listen to each other deeply enough to be changed by what they learn, she said.“It is important that we talk about dialogue because it’s not something that we utilize enough,” Franklin said.At the end of the conference Franklin said she took away valuable lessons and hopes to be able to apply them to her experience in the special needs community.“Propaganda is still a huge issue,” Franklin said. “People are afraid of what they don’t understand and the special needs community needs more understanding.”last_img read more